Embrace the Japanese Seasonal Fruit

Embrace the Japanese Seasonal Fruit

We will be ending this year's final pre-orders on August 15th for peaches.

As our Seasonal Pre-Order service from Japan's largest fruit market, Ota Market, ensures that you receive the freshest in-season fruits delivered directly, we are uncertain about the availability period for other pre-order fruits as well.

Before the pre-order period ends, please enjoy indulging in Japan's seasonal delights!


The Journey of Our Unique Pre-Order Service


Our pre-order service was made possible through the collaboration of many individuals who share the vision of bringing "the culture of enjoying Japan's seasonal fruits" to Singapore.
Connecting with market insiders was challenging, but with the concerted efforts of numerous supporters, we achieved the ability to "buy directly from the buyer" – a service where we source the best items through daily auctions at Ota Market without restricting to specific brands or origins.
Our meticulous approach extends to every step, from calculation to well-thought-out delivery, ensuring that the finest selections reach Singapore with confidence.


Pre-order Fresh Fruit Collections

Order by 15th Aug and receive it during our next flight schedule, 19th Aug.


1. Japanese Peach


2. Fruit Tomatoes

Twice sweeter than usual tomatoes.

Fruit tomatoes フルーツトマト / 1kg, 10-12pcs


3. Green Melon

Sweet and juicy muskmelon with fragrant aroma.

 Green Melon 青肉メロン / 2kg, 1pc



4. Red Melon

Sweet, comes with elegant sweet aroma. 


Red Melon 赤肉メロン / 1.6kg, 1pc





5. Japanese Pear

Sweet and juicy with low acidity.  

Pear 梨 / 1.8 kg, 5pcs / 14玉 5個 




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