5 Seafood Delight of August

5 Seafood Delight of August

Here are the top 5 seafood selections for August that we,  J Passport members, personally can't wait to indulge in.

These selections include recently restocked oysters, new arrivals, simmered conger eel, and more.
Backed by its intriguing backstory, we exclusively showcase products that we wholeheartedly endorse with confidence!


1. NIANAGO - Simmered Conger Eel


The soft and tender conger eel harmonizes well with the sweet and savory simmered soy sauce which is a secret recipe passed down since their establishment, making it a perfect accompaniment for rice or a delightful snack to enjoy pairing with sake.

Not only that, but this conger eel exhibits no trace of any muddy taste which is hard to find one even in Japan.


Yamago stands as a legendary conger eel buyer at Toyosu market, catering to the most esteemed establishments.

With a rich history in the conger eel trade, they specialize in sourcing and supplying this exceptional ingredient to distinguished Michelin-starred restaurants and renowned establishments like "Ginza Onodera" and "Ginza Hirai."



NIANAGO - Michelin-Trusted Simmered Conger Eel from Yamago





2. Uni Butter



This spread boasts the rich flavor of sea urchin and has been recognized as an unprecedented sea urchin product, earning the prestigious Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award at the Iwate Prefecture Seafood Processing Product Contest held in March 2020.

It represents a unique fusion of Western-style innovation and the delicacy of sea urchin, offering a gourmet experience like no other.


The inspiration for this development came during a visit to overseas restaurants with the intention of promoting sea urchin.

It was there that they learned about the exceptional pairing of sea urchin and butter from local chefs.

The incredible taste sparked their imagination and led them to break free from the fixed notion that sea urchin is solely associated with Japanese cuisine.

Thus, it was born after over 200 trial iterations, meticulously fine-tuning the delicate balance between sea urchin and butter.



Uni Butter - Sea Urchin Butter from HIRONO FARM 4 YEARS UNI (60g)






3. Takowasa


What set this takowasa apart from others?
It's definitely the huge octopus cut and the dedicated ingredient selection.

Unlike normal takowasa, this takowasa takes ingredient selection to the next level, featuring sashimi-grade octopus and freshly grated wasabi root.

This meticulous attention to ingredients creates a takowasa experience that resembles enjoying a slice of premium sashimi.


While most takowasa commonly use wasabi paste or powder, they take pride in using fresh wasabi root.

By incorporating the root portion of the wasabi plant, it offers a refined spiciness that allows you to fully appreciate the distinct flavor of real wasabi.

The use of wasabi root also adds a crunchy texture, complementing the chewy texture of the octopus.

Furthermore, they're committed to using high-quality ingredients means that they minimize the use of additives, allowing you to savor the natural flavors of the ingredients.



Takowasa - Thick Sliced Octopus seasoned with Wasabi root (150g)






4. Sashimi Grade Negitoro


Negitoro is a special ingredient as it can be used in so many ways.

Popular styles include gunkanmaki, makizushi and as a donburi, but can even be eaten on its own as a side dish too.

With its versatility it allows for anyone to prepare the negitoro in any way they please, a great way to get experimental in cooking new dishes.



An established and reliable wholesaler, Misaki Megumi Suisan sources only the freshest and high-quality selection of maguro.

Supplying products for hotels and restaurants across Japan as well as internationally, they are trusted in providing only the finest of maguro products.

It is quite rare to find top-graded maguro of this quality outside of Japan.



Sashimi Grade Negitoro (Minced Bluefin Tuna) from Misaki Fishing Port (200g)





5. Sashimi Grade Yamada Bay Oyster with Shell


Their discerning focus on the oyster's composition drives the members to cultivate unparalleled specimens.

Curated exclusively by accomplished fishermen, they collaborate to uncover the ultimate methods for cultivating the finest oysters.


Born from an exceptional fervor fostered by the Sanriku Yamada Oyster Research Association, this oyster carries a tale of extraordinary dedication.
While the association's members are individual competitors in their own realms, they unite their efforts to craft oysters that embody Yamada's emblem and source of pride.



[Sashimi Grade] Yamada Bay Oyster (12pcs) with whole shell





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