[Best Sellers] Top 8 Sashimi, Cakes and Sake in April

[Best Sellers] Top 8 Sashimi, Cakes and Sake in April

Dear Japan lovers,


Are you seeking a truly exquisite product that embodies the essence of Japan?


If you are thinking of what you can try, let us introduce our 8 best selling selections that were bought by our members in April, from artisanal sweets to sashimi and rare sakes direct from Japan.




1. Jersey Milk Chocolate Roll Cake (350g) - $36.50

- Rich chocolate cake and rich jersey milk -



An addictive taste that is not too sweet, with the balance of bitter chocolate and slight sweet jersey milk cream. It is completely different from the normal chocolate cake. For kids, this is also a cake completely handmade, with no coloring, flavorings.


We have just restocked this last week. Try it before it is sold out!




2. Hokkaido Black Cheesecake (15cm) - $38

- From Hokkaido, a cake that is our best seller since we started -



We do not need much introduction for this cake. It has been with us since we started, and many are familiar with its taste. We would just like to add on that this is made in a Hokkaido confectionery shop with 100 years of history.


You can enjoy it as a normal cake, or an ice cream cake!





3. Takowasa - Thick Octopus with Wasabi Stem - $26.50

-  Sashimi grade, ready-to-eat with rice or as an appetizer -


A classic izakaya dish using only fresh, high-grade octopus that can be enjoyed as sashimi, allowing you to savor the full umami flavor in every bite. Topped with rare wasabi roots, a true delicacy that's rarely seen even in Japan!


"Each piece is much larger than I expected, and a very satisfying one at that! The wasabi was tangy and delicious!"

Treat yourself and elevate your dining experience at home.




4. Seared Bonito (300g) - $35

- A sashimi dish not commonly seen in Singapore -



When you enjoy bonito at home, we recommend seasoning it simply with salt or ponzu sauce to let its natural flavors shine. The combination of the fish's buttery richness and the subtle seasoning creates a combination that will leave you craving for more.


It is a traditional cuisine from Kochi Prefecture that we want to raise more awareness of!

Bonito processes a unique texture and taste that is different from usual sashimi tuna and salmon.




5. Hokkaido Uni (100g) - $80

- Kitamurasaki uni with a mild taste that you will never get tired of -



Affordable, yet high-quality Hokkaido Uni you can hardly get elsewhere in Singapore. It is one of our repeated best seller, the quality is similar to those usually handled by Japanese restaurants in Singapore. It is addictive-free and color-free, something that you can continue to enjoy with a peace of mind.





6. [SMV -2] Suiro Junmai Daiginjo (720ml) - $130

- A sweet sake with 39% polishing rate from Nagano Prefecture -



Elevate your sake experience with sake made from best sake rice, Yamada Nishiki, from Nagano. Smooth texture, complex flavors, and fruity aromas make it a true indulgence. Sake lovers. immerse yourself in this sweet sake that is sold to brewery members and Japanese selected sellers only.




7. Yuzu Shu (500ml) - $54

- The aroma of fruity yuzu makes it different from others -



It is a yuzu shu that makes people want more. With a moderate alcohol level of 8%, it's an easy-to-drink option for all adults. Infused with premium ginjo sake brewed from rice with a high polish rate of 60%.


As you pour it into a cup, the fresh aroma of yuzu fills the air, elevating drinking experience.

A light, fruity, and fragrant taste that's sure to captivate your senses.



8. Daiyame (720ml) - $68

- Best mix with soda water, ideal for drinking enjoyment -



The best selling shochu that has been with J Passport since we started. Its versatility makes it easy for everyone to enjoy. Have it on the rocks, mix with soda water or just hot water to relax your body!


The brewery spent 150 years to perfect this taste and unique aroma that takes the consumers by surprise.

Distilled with just sweet potato, like vodka, the main difference from others is the natural lychee-like aroma.


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2 Award-Winning Sweets by Japanese Artisans

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