2 Award-Winning Sweets by Japanese Artisans

2 Award-Winning Sweets by Japanese Artisans

The award-winning Persimmon Butter and Apple Cracker, both made from fruits, are a testament to the craftsmanship of Matsuzawa, a company founded in 1959 in Nagano prefecture.

Through their artisanal creations, not only they bring happiness to consumers, but also preserving the rich culture of the region, cherished by its people for generations.

The Reason:
Artisans empathize with the “feelings” of people and communities

Artisans in Matsuzawa believed that "feelings" are important and irreplaceable.

Since the they start, they continue passing the unique "feelings" of Nagano, where the nature, produce and customs intertwined. The products are filled with thoughts of the people involved in the creation, from local farmers, to drivers, to even retail owners.

Delivering the charms of Nagano through small batches

Artisans procure the raw materials from local farmers. This is the start to narrate the story of its region to the customers.

Through the production process, artisans follows a make-to-order manufacturing process, to allows them to focus on the customers needs and ensuring quality in small lots.

Taste it yourself:

1. World Renowned - Sliced Apple Cracker

"There is no product with such a good balance of sweetness and sourness". - a comment by Michelin Chef

When you open the package, you can enjoy the aroma of apples that gently spreads.

In an international contest that specialised in taste, judges examined the item based on impression, appearance, aroma, taste and aftertaste. With its exceptional fresh taste, it was awarded top three stars for seven consecutive years.

The appearance of natural sliced apple is a unique enough product that makes you think that delicious things are beautiful!

More than 50% Apple in 1 slice

Apple makes up more than 50% of the ingredients, and Nagano is best known for its fertile soil that cultivates fruits of good quality. Artisans uses different variety of apples that are from the season in its process.

Each time, as the flavours of raw apples are different. The key lies in artisans making manual adjustment to the baking temperature in order to bring out the best flavour of the apples at time of baking.

"It is an apple snack that we never seen before. Crispy yet filled with raw apple texture and taste."

It is perfect with black tea, green tea, oolong tea!

2. Persimmon Butter Millefeuille

"Persimmon is loved by a lot of Singaporeans, including us, and we really want you to try this new combination."

It is a modern twist on the traditional "Ichida Persimmon" that has been around since Edo period, 1800s.

In Edo period, the traditional "Ichida Persimmon" was presented to the shogun (warlord), and the imperial family in 1943. Now, it has won numerous awards and is a hot topic in various media in Japan.

Dried with blessings of natural sun and wind

Persimmons are harvested in autumn one by one by hand, slowly dried in the sunlight and natural wind for about a month.

The flesh are then carefully stacked one by one with salted butter, by artisans in a factory with over 50 years of history.

A melt-in-your-mouth texture, natural sweetness, and a hint of saltiness. All of these are the identity of Matsuzawa's Ichida persimmon mille-feuille.

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