New-style Sangria with Pineapple wine

New-style Sangria with Pineapple wine

Create a new at-home favorite with Pineapple Wine Sangria


Sangria, made with wine and fresh fruits has been popular, especially among women, due to the refreshing fruit flavors and sweetness that make it enjoyable even for those who are not fond of alcohol.

It not only tastes great but also has an appealing vibrant appearance.

Why not try making your own homemade sangria with pineapple wine?




Unconventional Sangria with Pineapple Wine Delight


Sangria is generally made with red or white wine, but using pineapple wine as a base gives it a more fruity taste.
Why not experiment with a refreshing twist on traditional sangria by using pineapple wine as the base?
This delightful variation will infuse your sangria with a stronger fruity flavor, perfect for cooling off during the summer heat!


Refreshing Fruit-Infused Sangria Idea for you


The choice of fruits to include in your sangria is a personal one, but tropical fruits are particularly recommended.

For an extra refreshing twist, consider adding citrus fruits or mint, which complement the flavors of pineapple beautifully.

Adjust the amount of sugar to suit your desired level of sweetness and create a delightful and customized sangria experience!


Exploring the Rarity of Pineapple Wine


1. The challenge to craft under the warm climate
The natural sugar content in pineapples grown in warmer regions makes it theoretically possible to produce alcohol by introducing natural yeast into crushed fruit, similar to how grapes are used to make wine and apples for cider.
However, fermentation by yeast is typically easier to control at lower temperatures and tends to produce a milder alcoholic beverage.
The fermentation process for beer, whiskey, and other beverages requires specific temperature ranges for optimal results, usually below 35°C.
Achieving a delicious alcoholic beverage through fermentation requires strict temperature control within these ranges.

As a result, the production of pineapple wine, which requires precise temperature control, has been avoided.


2. Unlike grape or apple...
Another reason that pineapple wine is rare is the length of the growing season. Pineapples take at least two to four years from the start of cultivation to harvest.

Therefore, it was not common to make wine from pineapple because it is less efficient.


Zen-inspired wine crafted by traditional artisan


This pineapple wine, which can serve as a base for casual sangria, is crafted with meticulous fermentation of pineapple juice, showcasing the traditional skills possessed by a traditional brewery focused on producing Okinawan sake such as Awamori.
It is an authentic wine that combines the craftsmanship and expertise of the brewery with the flavorful essence of pineapple.'s another way to enjoy it!


Experience the pleasure of pineapple wine as a dessert treat!

Simply pop the entire bottle of pineapple wine into the freezer until it becomes ice-cold and chilled to perfection.
*Please note that the volume inside the bottle may expand, so before placing it in the freezer, it's important to open the seal slightly and reduce the amount of wine to prevent any potential explosions.


Indulge in the irresistible icy texture that will surely blow away the summer heat.
a dessert sensation that guarantees to become a staple during the hot summer months!


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