[Vegan Sushi] Try Meat-free Diet with Traditional Japanese Vegetables

[Vegan Sushi] Try Meat-free Diet with Traditional Japanese Vegetables
vegetable sushi, unlike others.
This is a Traditional Countryside Sushi, that originally uses seasonal vegetables and edible plants blessed from Kochi mountains. This is one of the recommended dish for you to try out vegan meals and you may feel the benefits it has to your health.

How adopting a vegan diet for one day benefits you? 

Possibly the best start weight loss

In Japan, one of the health trends adopt vegan diet for one to few days to stimulate weight loss or as an opportunity to introduce more vegetables in their diet!

Vegan diet contain less fat and more fiber, which may result in lower caloric intake and helps in weight loss.

Giving your stomach a break

Meat requires about 12 to 24 hours to digest, whereas vegetables take only about 40 minutes.

You may find that your body is less tired because it no longer uses the energy just to digest tough meat.

Why is our Vegan Sushi best for your meat-free day?

1. Intake numbers of ingredients in one meal

It's hard to make wide variety of menu with vegan ingredients but with this vegan sushi, you get more than 10 different ingredients in once!

2. High in fiber

Number of ingredients are high in fiber, which improves the intestinal environment and promotes weight and fat loss.

3. Satisfying

For those who are concerned if you can be satisfied with vegan recipe, no worries!
On top of variety of ingredients, the rice marinated with the sushi vinegar is made from squeezed yuzu definitely plays the important role to make you satisfied!

A traditional taste that has been loved in Kochi for a long time

If you ask people about this countryside sushi in Kochi prefecture, almost all people know about it.


That's how much this country sushi is famous.

It's been enjoyed and loved by people in Kochi prefecture like the taste of grandmother's food.

To committed living as earth and animal-friendly as possible by avoiding meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and other animal-derived ingredients and seasonings in their diet, this Vegan Traditional Countryside Sushi was enhanced to suit the vegan diet with the tradition passed from generation to generation in Kochi prefecture.


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