An Evening Drink for Relaxation

An Evening Drink for Relaxation

In Japan, there are two distinct type of traditional alcohol that you can enjoy - Sake and Shochu.


As an alcohol lover, we believe that you can enjoy shochu for a glass of quality evening drink.





25% to 40% Alc
Able to keep after opening
From Barley, Potatoes
Distilled and Aged
* like Whiskey, Vodka
Enjoy from mixing to on the rocks

Japanese Sake

13% to 17% Alc
Best consumed after opening
From Rice only
* like Beer, Wine
Warm, Chilled or Room Temp



Shochu has a longer shelf life than sake.

It can be enjoyed slowly without compromising on the quality.


Take a glass of shochu to relax your body.

In particular, warm shochu warms the body and improves blood circulation.

The warmth stimulates urokinase enzymes that breaks up blood clots, improving blood circulation. The aroma calms your senses, relaxing your body.


Why not consider shochu as part of your drink routine?


Specially for Whiskey Lover,

Try Kuma Shochu - Toroshikaya

Limited to 2000 bottles produced annually.

A masterpiece from the passion of the 100 years-old brewery.



A blend of 20 and 5 years barley and rice shochu, aged in oak barrel. Same aging environment as Scottish Highland, tastes like Scotch Whiskey with rich aroma.


At 38% alcohol content, it is smooth on your tongue. Taste of sweet, rich and mellow rice with the aroma of wheat.



Using distillation method that has 500 years of history and aged in oak barrels deepens the taste and aroma. 







Granted Crystal Taste Award certified by the International Taste Institute’s jury of the world’s best Chefs & Sommeliers in 2020.

"We would like to prove that Rice Shochu can be one of the best alcohol in the world, comparable to Scotch and Cognac."


Bring out the aroma of Kuma Shochu - Toroshikaya in a wine glass.

Gently swirl the wine glass.


This way of drinking brings out the rich aroma of the shochu's aging. The matured expression changes one after another, captivating you.

Best paired with dishes with natural flavours:

1. Smoked Salmon


The combination of salmon smoked with birch, salt, sugar and sake is an enjoyable experience.



Pressed with fresh Japanese apples, vaving it with shochu brings out the natural taste within.

But if you are a Vodka Lover,

Try Daiyame

An unexplored scent recognized by the world.

Perfected from cumulative 150 years of exquisite craftmanship.



Using special sweet potato "Koujuku Imo" distilled using a unique aging method. It has a sweet scent reminiscent of fresh lychee that has never been tasted in potato shochu.



The "lychee-like scent" crosses national borders and is highly appreciated all over the world.


Sweet and mellow, ending with a crispy aftertaste. Fruity and floral flavours of rose, pear and apple!







Exhibited in the world's three major alcoholic beverage competitions, it 2020, it won double gold at “ISC”.


Created to relieve fatigue with a drink in the evening".


Whether it's a good day or not, end the day with Daiyame and refresh ourselves for tomorrow. 



Best recommended to mix with soda as Daiayme Highball. The aroma of Daiyame becomes more intense when mixed with carbonated water.


Check out Daiyame Highball recipe here.


Best paired with strong, savoury dishes:

1. Savory Fatty Flatfish (Engawa) Kimchi



Gourmet appetizer using high-class restaurants ingredients. Essence of deliciousness - umami.



Aged in a blend of Japanese herbs, salt and spices. It is perfect for a savoury pasta or salad!


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