The Finest Peaches Upon Arrival in Singapore

The Finest Peaches Upon Arrival in Singapore

Delivering Perfect Peaches to Singapore 


Ota Market in Tokyo, the largest fruit market, is a treasure trove of fruits gathered from all over Japan for trade.
Fruit transportation is generally challenging, and among them, peaches were considered particularly difficult.
However, thanks to a direct connection with Ota's buyer, we're now able to bring them this time!





Challenges in Fruit Transportation


Transporting fruits has been challenging due to their delicacy, and even if they can be transported, delivering them to Singapore's warehouse and, further, to customers' homes in the best condition is arguably the most difficult task.


The Strategic Expertise of Ota Market's Buyer


The success of this endeavor can be attributed to the meticulously calculated efforts of the Ota Market buyer.

First and foremost, the buyer selects peaches on that particular day based on both their price and the highest quality available.


However, it goes beyond merely choosing the best peaches of the day.

The buyer uses their keen judgment to calculate and select peaches that will be in their best condition upon arrival at the homes of the members in Singapore.

Such a skillful and calculated buyer is a rare find even within Ota Market.


Precision in Packaging and Transportation


In addition, the packaging and loading methods during transportation are meticulously calculated and planned to perfection.

Each individual peach is carefully packed, and even the arrangement of the boxes is expertly calculated to ensure they remain stable and free from any impact during the journey to Singapore.
This process is handled by professionals in the field to guarantee safe and flawless delivery.


Deliver the Finest Peaches Upon Arrival in Singapore


Predicting the freshness deterioration and employing impeccable packaging and transportation techniques require the craftsmanship that comes only with experience.

Our expertise ensures that the peaches we deliver to Singapore are at their absolute best.
This remarkable quality of peaches at the most favorable price is made possible through the strong connections with market professionals, including our buyer.



⚠️Wait to Enjoy till Perfectly Ripen⚠️


Peaches are highly delicate fruits.
They are usually harvested and shipped while still firm, as they can easily bruise and spoil when fully ripe and soft.
Our buyers select the best ones and when peaches arrive, they are often in their unripe state.
Allowing them to ripen for a certain period (追熟) will result in sweet, fully ripe peaches.
In other words, knowing the correct ripening methods allows you to enjoy delicious peaches even more.


1. Storing peaches at room temperature (in a cool, dark place)
Storing peaches at room temperature enhances their softness and sweetness.
Wrapping peaches in newspaper or similar material can protect them from drying out and getting damaged.


2. Softening around the stem

When stored at room temperature, peaches gradually become softer around the stem end (bottom). To determine their ripeness, gently touch the area around the stem with your fingers; when it feels slightly soft, it's ready to eat.


3. Chill in the refrigerator just before consumption

Apart from the touch test, you can also tell if the peach is ripe when the skin appears slightly translucent.
If you prefer to chill the peach in the refrigerator, it is best to do so about 2-3 hours before eating.


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