Sweet & Refreshing: Finest Japanese Fruits, Snacks and Alcohol

Sweet & Refreshing: Finest Japanese Fruits, Snacks and Alcohol

A recap of what you missed in July.

Check out the popular online buys from Japan, you missed in July.

Enjoy a little Japanese treats while you are at work or relaxing at home.

Our top 10 buys on shop.jpassport.asia, in July:


1. Seasonal Japanese Peach

It is the now seasonal of peach, and we are not surprised it was one of the best sellers in July!


Enjoy the finest quality of peach sourced by our professional market buyers, carefully packed and delivered to you from auction, to your doorstep.


As one of our top ordered item, check out the reviews received from our members:

"Simply delicious, the fresh is watery, sweet with a nice fragrance."


Peach (5 pieces, 1.5kg)



- J Passport Exclusive -

2. Persimmon Butter Millefeuille



Using sun dried persimmons, this combination is lovely for persimmon and wine lovers, who can enjoy this premium sweets in one sitting. The quality of Ishida premium persimmon from Nagano prefecture will not disappoint.


Nagano Persimmon Butter Millefeuille



3. Strawberry Hokkaido Butter Spread


Containing 50% akihime strawberry, enjoy the refreshing taste of strawberry in your mouth. The sweet and perfect tangy-ness of strawberry and smooth butter makes this perfect for spreads on bread or biscuits.


Strawberry Hokkaido Butter Spread



4. Simmered Anago (Conger Eel)

- Michelin-Trusted, traditional flavours -



With just one bite, you realize that this simmered conger eel is truly exceptional. Its aroma, richness, and thickness of the flesh leave nothing to be desired. You'll find yourself wanting to savour it bite after bite.


NIANAGO - Michelin-Trusted Simmered Conger Eel from Yamago



- J Passport Exclusive -

5. Dashi Stock Pack

Additive-free, Salt-free, from 7 premium Japanese ingredients



It is a proprietary blend, a result from years of experiences. It is a treasured secret that is used for commercial purposes only. For the first time, this secret blend is available, exclusive at J Passport.


Dashi Stock from Kyoto (10g x 20 bags)



6. Traditional Japanese Soy Sauce


Traditional Award-winning soy sauce made from carefully selected ingredients aged in cedar barrel made in 1869. It is recommended for those who don't like salty soy sauce. This dark soy sauce allows you to enjoy the true flavour of soy sauce. for the umami and a hint of sweetness.


Traditional Dark Soy Sauce (Cedar Barrel Pure Brew)



7. Daiyame Shochu


A fragrance like lychee, sweet and mellow, ending with a crispy aftertaste. The actual fragrance comes from the ‘Koujuku-imo’ (sweet potato), developed using a new aging method.


Daiyame (900ml) / 濱田酒造 だいやめ



8. Japanese Craft Beer


A bitter, crisp and citrus aroma gives way to the lingering bitter hop flavours! It is smooth, light and easy to drink, suitable for most people. Perfect bottle for gatherings, barbeques or steamboat.


Japanese Craft Beer

From $7.70


9. Large Sashimi Grade Oysters


14cm oysters from Yamada Town, Japan. Froze live using the latest freezing technology to maintain it's freshness and plumpness so you can enjoy the taste it as if it is live!


[Sashimi Grade] Yamada Bay Oyster Large (4pcs) with whole shell



10. Fruit Tomato


Japanese Fruit Tomatoes have twice the sweetness of normal tomatoes. In fact, its sweetness degree is comparable to other Japanese fruits. Suitable for kids and people who are not fond of normal sourness in tomatoes. It offers a different taste when cooked with pasta, or as it is!


[Pre-Order] Fruit tomatoes (1kg, 10-12pcs)



Eatable Strawberry Drink with 60% content

Eatable Strawberry Drink with 60% content

<NEW> Rich Izumo Matcha Chocolate Terrine with sprinkled Matcha powder

Rich Izumo Matcha Chocolate Terrine with sprinkled Matcha powder

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