Sweet Hydrangea Tea to Soothe your Heart

Sweet Hydrangea Tea to Soothe your Heart

We introduce a Japanese traditional herbal tea that brings a sense of calm and relaxation.
Enjoy Japanese tea with yuzu peel, perfect for taking a moment to unwind in the midst of busy daily life.


Savoring the Tranquil Harmony of Yuzu Sweet Hydrangea Tea


It is made from the leaves of the deciduous shrub known as "Yama Ajisai" or mountain hydrangea, a subspecies of the Hydrangeaceae family. The leaves are picked, sun-dried, then kneaded and fermented before being dried to make tea.

It is also well-known for its use in traditional herbal medicine. Its component, Thaumatin, is said to be 400 to 800 times sweeter than sugar.


Enjoy a relaxing tea time with the soothing aroma of yuzu and the sweetness of Sweet Hydrangea Tea, which can help unwind both your mind and body. The scent of yuzu remains noticeable even as the tea cools.

To prepare, steep it in hot water and let it cool slightly before drinking. In the summer, you can enhance the flavor by adding cold water and ice. It's a delightful beverage that brings comfort and relaxation to the soul.


Pesticide-Free High-Mountain Tea Farming


For about half a century, they as a tea farmer with a 400-year history have been practicing pesticide-free cultivation. They particularly focus on using organic fertilizers and strive to produce the most delicious tea without any pesticides.

In addition to being relatively rare compared to lowland teas due to restrictions imposed by rugged terrain and inaccessibility, the combination of cooler temperatures, abundant rainfall, and nutrient-rich soils result in an aromatic, sweet, and balanced character.


Genmaicha, another Japanese Tea soothe your heart


The Health Benefits of GABA in Germinated Brown Rice Tea


GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid): The Amino Acid Linked to Lowering Blood Pressure and Reducing Triglycerides, Found in Genmaicha.

Originally produced in the brain during sleep, GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a neurotransmitter known for its stress-relief and calming properties.


This beneficial compound is abundant in Genmaicha.

It contains low levels of tannins, resulting in a mild and smooth flavor, with less caffeine compared to green tea due to its lower tea leaf content.


A Symphony of Japanese Tea Excellence


This exquisite blend of Genmaicha is not only roasted to perfection using top-quality Hana-Mochi brown rice from Japan but also expertly mixed with Premium Matcha and deep-steamed green tea sourced from Shizuoka's esteemed traditional tea plantations.

The foundation of this tea is crafted from high-grade deep-steamed green tea, renowned for its bold and robust flavor profile. Infused with the fresh aroma of genmaicha and adorned with the vibrant green hue of premium matcha, it offers a truly delightful sensory experience.


Shizuoka Matcha Genmaicha


Premium Shizuoka Matcha Genmaicha


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