【Story】Senjo brewery

【Story】Senjo brewery

The Story of Senjo brewery

In 1866, Nagano, a small brewery was started by Matsujiro Kurogochi, named after Senjo Ga Take (仙丈ヶ岳), a 3000m peak in the Japan Alps.

In 2016, Senjo brewery celebrated its 150th year in business.

Other breweries in the Nagano

According to the National Tax Agency’s survey, there are over 1,300 sake breweries in Japan. Nagano Prefecture has 78 sake breweries, the second most breweries in Japan, following Niigata Prefecture. Some breweries have a long-lasting history of over 300 years!

From the perspective of sake making, Nagano Prefecture is one of the ideal places with features of rich nature - clean water, pure air, long daylight hours, temperature differences between day and night, cool summer, and severe winter.

One of the features in Nagano Prefecture’s sake industry is the number of small and medium-sized sake breweries in its region. In recent years, new generations are trying a new style of sake making. Nagano Prefecture also has the largest number of female Toji (杜氏), chief sake brewer. They are preserving the tradition and also making challenges from a female perspective. It is said that they are giving Nagano sake industry a huge impetus for change with their sincere attitude.

Having 78 sake breweries in Nagano Prefecture means that you can enjoy 78 different and unique sake. Each sake brewery has been trying to make sake that can go well with local cuisines. No wonder these sakes have their own characteristic and variety of taste and that is highlighted as a feature of sake in Nagano!

Some of the sake breweries are aiming to expand their business globally by competing at international Sake competitions. In fact, they won some brilliant prizes and are getting in the spotlight

We are still amid the pandemic but it will be over soon. After we regain a peaceful time in which we can travel freely, please come to Nagano and enjoy the world-class sake.

Map of breweries & distilleries in Nagano, as of December 2019

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Junmai Daiginjo Konna-Yoru Ni Full Moon (SMV -4) - こんな夜に… 満月 純米大吟醸 (720ml)

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