【Selection】Enjoy Whole Fruit

【Selection】Enjoy Whole Fruit

Here is a whole fruit series from a number of our premium selections.

1. Salon de Royal Marugoto Strawberry (40g)

Crunchy, sweet and sour freeze-dried whole strawberries coated with finest quality white chocolate.
Each piece is delicately made by award winning chocolatier, Salon de Royal.

2. Marugoto Mandarin Daifuku (3pcs / frozen)

The reason why it is such a hit is because of the delicious selected mandarin, the gentle sweetness of the white bean paste that does not interfere with the taste of the mandarin, and the good texture of the rice cake.
Why don’t you enjoy an amazing collaboration of the mandarin, the white bean paste and the rice cake?

3. Organic Certified Amaou Strawberry (Frozen / 1kg(500g×2))

King of strawberry - Organic Amaou Strawberry
The name Amaou Strawberry is derived from A - amai (sweet), MA - marui (round), O - Okii (big) and U - umai (tasty).
Amaou strawberries have a rich history of being famous for their sweetness, size and colour.
As Amaou strawberries take a longer time to grow, their sugar, nutritional value and juice content are higher than average strawberries. Enjoy the dedicated flavor, rich and lingering aftertaste.

Enjoy our Whole Fruit Selection!
Salon de Royal Marugoto Strawberry (40g)
Marugoto Mandarin Daifuku (3pcs / frozen)
Organic Certified Amaou Strawberry (Frozen / 1kg(500g×2))

【Story】Tamago Family

【Story】Tamago Family



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