Restock the Awaited Yamada Oyster

Restock the Awaited Yamada Oyster

Restocking the Awaited Yamada Oyster Batch!


Our best-selling oysters are finally back in stock!
Developed through extensive research and cultivation techniques, this Yamada oysters are grown with a cultivation technology that eliminates excess seawater, resulting in a low salinity level.
You can experience a gentle sweetness from the moment you put them in your mouth.


Indulge in the Supreme Delight of Yamada Oyster


Primarily, these are "with-shell" oysters that are typically supplied to restaurants.
Not only can you relish restaurant-quality oysters at home, but why not also indulge in the luxurious experience of shucking and savoring oysters yourself?


With each bite, the rich flavor and intense umami blend together, achieving a perfect harmony.
The conveniently bite-sized portions are easy to savor, allowing you to fully enjoy the condensed deliciousness of the oysters.
These are the finest oysters that encapsulate all the delightful qualities of concentrated oyster flavor.



[Sashimi Grade] Yamada Bay Oyster (12pcs) with whole shell



Expand Your Palate Beyond Oysters...


NIANAGO - Michelin-Trusted Simmered Conger Eel from Yamago


Simmered conger eel from a legendary conger eel buyer at Toyosu Market.
Just by mentioning their names, anyone would recognize them.
That's how much they're famous and trusted among top-tier chefs.
Even before taking a bite, you can be certain of its deliciousness.
Because such fresh and vibrant conger eels are prepared with such meticulous care.
It is the transformation from lively conger eels swimming in the tank just three hours ago to the delectable simmered conger eel dish. 


Asari Short Neck Clam (400g)



Rich and intense umami flavor and Minimal shrinkage of meat are the feature of "Japanese" asari that sets apart them from oversea asari.
These qualities stem from the nutrient-rich coastal waters and clam diversity in Japan, combined with their natural habitat and fishing techniques.
When incorporated into recipes, Japanese asari elevate broths and deliver a delightful culinary journey, essential in traditional Japanese dishes.
Their size retention during cooking preserves their visual appeal and texture, ensuring an enticing final presentation.


Freshwater Shijimi Clam (300g)



The standout feature of shijimi clams is undoubtedly their aroma and flavor.
It possess a distinctive fragrance and profound taste that enriches dishes with a delightful experience.
This unique umami has garnered affection from many individuals.
Furthermore, shijimi clams are abundant in iron, taurine, and vitamin B12, to the extent that their nutritional value is condensed into dietary supplements.


[Sashimi Grade] Negitoro (200g)



An established and reliable wholesaler, Misaki Megumi Suisan sources only the freshest and high-quality selection of negitoro.
Supplying products for hotels and restaurants across Japan as well as internationally, they are trusted in providing only the finest of maguro products.
Using their signature technique of super freezing the maguro, it ensures that the fresh flavour is maintained for as long as possible even once it reaches your doorstep.

It is quite rare to find top-graded maguro of this quality outside of Japan.


4 Grades of Uni Direct from Toyosu Market

4 Grades of Uni Direct from Toyosu Market

Final Call for Fresh Peach Pre-Order

Final Call for Fresh Peach Pre-Order

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