4 Grades of Uni Direct from Toyosu Market

4 Grades of Uni Direct from Toyosu Market

This is a pre-order for uni directly sourced from Toyosu Market.
Same as our highly acclaimed pre-order fruits, a personal buyer will acquire through auction and deliver the finest uni of each grade at the best possible price.
With a new system offering a choice among 4 grades, you can get your hands on fresh uni delivered straight to you!


How is our UNI different ?


Obtaining delicious uni can be quite challenging, as its quality isn't easily discernible based on its appearance.
Unlike other seafood, uni's taste doesn't correlate with its color or shape, making it mysterious to many.
While experts can accurately judge its quality, connecting with such buyers isn't easy.
This makes it tough for the public to get top-notch uni from Toyosu Fish Market.
Even in Japan, getting the "Number 01 Card," representing the best uni of the day, is tricky.
Nonetheless, we can deliver this high-grade uni to Singapore homes through our exclusive buyer.


How Pre-order Uni works?

It's a system where you can choose from four different grades.
Since we deliver directly from Toyosu, we provide each grade at the best possible price.


1. Fresh Uni Apex Grade (300g - 350g)


It is the highest quality grade that is auctioned at the Toyosu market on the day.
It's of a level that is hard to come by even within Japan, being supplied to Tokyo's Michelin-starred restaurants and upscale sushi shops.


2.  Fresh Uni Prime Grade Big Box (400g)


It contains a generous 400g portion of restaurant-grade uni, allowing you to fully enjoy the fresh uni directly delivered from Toyosu.


3. Fresh Uni Supreme Grade (250g) / バラ


It lets you savor just the right amount of restaurant-grade uni in a more manageable quantity.


4. Fresh Uni Prime Grade (250g) / 並び


It offers impeccable quality, with slight variations in color and size compared to the higher grades mentioned above, but still maintaining exceptional standards.


Uni is a Mysterious seafood


Uni remains a mysterious delicacy mainly enjoyed by connoisseurs and professionals, commonly found in sushi restaurants.
Similarly, at the Toyosu market, brokers have limited understanding of Uni's origins and the best seasonal flavors.

Our solution involves handpicked Uni sourced by knowledgeable buyers with deep expertise in this delicacy.


The Color of Uni does not have much influence on its taste


Uni's color varies due to factors like diet, age, and gender.
They're hermaphrodites, beginning as females and transitioning to males as they mature.
We eat the gonad, encompassing ovaries (females) and testes (males).
The gonads have little gender-based distinction and aren't segregated.
It's thought that females have lighter hues, males darker, but this might relate to aging rather than gender.
Seaweed type in their diet also affects color. The link between color and taste isn't straightforward or well-defined.


How Buyers select the best ones?


Assessing uni quality at their origin is tough based solely on appearance.
Discerning a favorable diet is uncertain externally; opening them is often needed.
Even then, taste can't be fully determined visually. Acquiring top-notch uni demands expertise.
Buyers experienced with many uni have an AI-like ability to spot excellent quality.


Taste of Uni is determined by their food


Uni taste differences stem from diet and alum use. Seaweed, especially kelp, enhances flavor.
Alum maintains shape and isn't bitter as believed.
While premium uni might contain alum, negative taste links likely come from its use in lower-grade or less fresh uni.

In essence, taste relies on diet (seaweed type) and alum, which might not greatly alter the flavor.


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