[Restock] Persimmon Butter Millefeuille

[Restock] Persimmon Butter Millefeuille

We have finally restocked the highly popular Persimmon Butter since its release!
Combining persimmon and butter in a sweet treat might sound unusual, but rest assured, once you taste it, you won't forget its incredible flavor.
It has become an unwavering signature item in the JPassport collection.

You can exclusively purchase this Persimmon Butter through JPassport in Singapore.
Let us re-introduce the speciality of Persimmon Butter!


Delicacy that Tradition Meets Modern Innovation


Persimmon Butter Millefeuille is a unique dessert that takes the traditional local sweet, "Ichida Persimmons," which has been cherished in the Southern Shinshu region since the Edo period, and gives it a modern twist.

It is carefully handcrafted at a specialized dried persimmon processing facility with over 50 years of history.
The process involves removing the persimmon stems, opening the fruit, and meticulously removing the seeds before layering them one by one.


The butter used in this delicacy is 100% domestically sourced, non-fermented, salted butter.
The subtle hint of salt enhances the natural flavor of the butter and adds an accent to the taste of the Persimmon Butter Millefeuille.

One of its most prominent features is the custom press machine.
This unique machine is used to press the Persimmon Butter Millefeuille into a millefeuille-like shape.
The right amount of pressure is crucial, as too little can cause it to fall apart, and excessive pressure can crush the fruit and butter, making it unsuitable for millefeuille.
The development of this specialized press machine incorporates proprietary techniques for achieving the perfect result.


The Importance of Butter Types


Butter is made from raw milk, and the first step in its production involves separating this raw milk into cream and skim milk.
During this process, cream can be fermented using lactic acid bacteria to create "fermented butter."
Fermented butter has a distinctive aroma and richness due to the fermentation process and is popular in Europe.
In Japan, many commercially available butters are of the "non-fermented" type.
Since the cream is not fermented with lactic acid, it results in a mild and neutral flavor.


This Persimmon Butter Millefeuille uses "non-fermented butter."
This choice is made to preserve the authentic flavor of Persimmon Butter Millefeuille.
In this dessert, it takes the spotlight, with butter playing a supporting role.
With this philosophy in mind, they deliberately selected "non-fermented, salted butter" to enhance the overall experience.
The result is a butter that offers a melting texture, natural sweetness, and a subtle touch of saltiness.


The Health Benefits of Dried Persimmons


Dried persimmons can be considered the quintessential Japanese dried fruit, representing a unique facet of this trend.
While fresh persimmons tend to have a cooling effect on the body, dried persimmons have the opposite effect, warming the internal organs.
They are known for their ability to alleviate fatigue.
Dried persimmons boast high nutritional value, to the extent that they are believed to be effective in preventing colds, high blood pressure, stroke, and even hangovers.


Now, let's talk about the dark spots you may notice on the surface of "Persimmon Butter," which is generously made from dried persimmons.
These dark spots are a result of a type of polyphenol found in persimmons.
Interestingly, these polyphenols play a crucial role in promoting health.
It's worth noting that the amount of polyphenols found in persimmon tannins is said to be 20 times greater than that found in wine, highlighting its remarkable health benefits.

Enjoy this Polyphenol-Rich Unique Sweet on the Occasion of its Restock!


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