【Recommend】Queen Nina vs. Jasmine

【Recommend】Queen Nina vs. Jasmine

〜Autumn has come, Autumn's gift from Japan〜

If you are not sure which one to try, J Passport recommends 2 out of the 8 types of grapes available from Shuka en!

Queen Nina

This is a long-awaited new red seedless variety of the Kyoho grape and this year's recommended by the owner of Shuka en!!

It is an epoch-making variety with a bright red color, large grains, and a further evolution of the deliciousness of its father-kind Aki Queen, even without seeds.

Jasmine Grape

This is the sweetest variety in the Shuka-en, and especially popular among women because of its refreshing jasmine fragrance. It’s called "Jasmine" because of its fragrance.

This is a variety that has been attracting attention in recent years as an extremely sweet large white grape, and there are still a few farms that grow it.

The main characteristic of this grape is its sweetness, with a sugar content of 23-25 degrees, and when you try it, the sweetness spreads to your mouth so strongly that you can hardly feel the acidity.

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【Story】Rokuchoshi Brewery

【Story】Rokuchoshi Brewery

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