【Recommend】Premium Cheese Cakes

【Recommend】Premium Cheese Cakes

Let us introduce 3 of our premium Cheese Cakes you never want to miss out to try!

1. Yogurt Lemon Rare Cheesecake

Direct from Koiwai Farm, Iwate

A signature rare cheesecake from Koiwai Farm, most famous for its dairy product, with a history of over 130 years.

Enjoy a pleasant texture that melts in your mouth with a rich yet refreshing taste of cheese cream, yogurt and lemon aftertaste!

Baked direct at Koiwai Farm with their fresh milk, eggs, and cream cheese!

Yukigamine Milk Cream Cheese Souffle

- Milk from the happiest cow in Japan -

An official collaboration with the Kochi government, enjoy the exquisite flavor with special original sour cream and Jersey milk from Yukigamine Farm in Kochi Prefecture!


Melts in your mouth, perfect harmony of sourness, sweetness, and richness

Baked using a special method that makes it melt in your mouth, unlike the usual half-boiled or rare cheesecake.

This cheesecake is made with rare Jersey milk from Yukigamine Farm, with its exquisite flavor of original sour creamspecially made by the pastry chef.

Hokkaido Black Cheesecake (handmade from 100 year old confectionary shop in Hokkaido)

Handmade Hokkaido Black Cheesecake

From a Hokkaido confectionery shop with 100 years of history. Using only ingredients from Hokkaido prefecture.

Rich in flavour and texture, yet not too sweet

Bamboo charcoal chocolate souffle with haskap (honeyberry) jam, finished with smooth cheese cream.

It was introduced on Japanese TV and awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize at the 27th National Confectionary Exposition.

【Recipe】 Bagna Càuda

【Recipe】 Bagna Càuda

【Story】Runny Cheese

【Story】Runny Cheese

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