Behold Authentic Wasabi, Not Just a Paste

Behold Authentic Wasabi, Not Just a Paste

Authentic Wasabi, Not Just a Paste,
but a Culinary Essential


"Real" Wasabi, a cornerstone of Japanese cuisine, enhances dishes with more than just being spicy.

Discover the true essence of genuine wasabi, elevating ingredients to new heights!


100% Grated Wasabi
with Crunchy Wasabi Stem (110g)




What do you mean by "Authentic"?


Wasabi, the condiment that is essential in Japanese cuisine, there is something lost in the experience of a dish without it.

This is why it is also important to use authentic wasabi in order to appreciate its sophistication to the fullest.

Usually, you will find the ‘fake’ wasabi is served which is mainly made from European horseradish which pales in comparison to the original grated root.

The price is the main factor as to why you do not see true wasabi given out often, however there is a very good reason behind it.


Mastering the Complexity of Cultivating Real Wasabi


In reality it is a difficult plant to grow where it requires very specific needs and conditions.

Naturally originating in mountainous regions, the landscape makes it hard for it to be mass produced, so it must be grown in man-made farms for it to be commercial yielded.

It can suffer greatly if exposed to direct sunlight, so it must always be shaded.

Wasabi survives temperatures between the parameters of roughly 7°C to 23°C, where even just a single change in degrees out of the range can kill the plant.

Perhaps the most important factor when growing wasabi, the conditions of the soil are strict.
The soil must be rich and consistently moist throughout with pH levels as close to neutral as possible.

All these factors come together in making wasabi one of the most expensive crops you can find.


Once the wasabi has grown it is pulled out from the ground, exposing the stems hidden beneath the soil (rhizome) which is then extracted from the rest of the plant.

Using this section, it is finely grated down into a paste for all to enjoy.

Its grated characteristics are comparable to grated ginger where it is gritty in texture but a bit smoother.


Value of 100% Grated Wasabi


With this crunchy grated wasabi from Yamamoto Foods, it is one of many that they have created to put a unique twist on the spicy condiment.

A pioneer in wasabi goods, it is guaranteed that you will not find many other companies creating wasabi products quite like them.

Utilising the beloved base of grated wasabi and mixing it with crisp bits of the stalks, it forms a tasteful experience which is both familiar in flavour and freshly new as well.

To try this out to the fullest, it is key to pair it with food that complement each other well.
Sushi and sashimi are the obvious choice, so why not try something different?




Ways to Savor the 100% Grated Wasabi



The classic Japanese buckwheat noodles, it can be eaten in a variety of ways from hot or cold, to it being served in a broth or dipping sauce style.

Both the broth and the dipping sauce typically use a dashi base where the flavour is distinct but subtly delicate, so the incorporation of wasabi into the dish adds some kick and a change in taste.

The crunchy texture will also make the eating more interesting as it will diversify the monotony of chewing on the noodles for the whole time.




Especially when eating a good quality, prime cut, you want to be able to taste the deep richness of the meat mainly. This is perfect for the wasabi as by adding a hint of it onto the meat, you can get the spice without it overpowering the profound flavours of the steak.

Gyukatsu also is a great example of a dish that pairs the two together flawlessly.




Thinking of it as an alternative to mustard, it can be a fine addition to any sandwich that heightens it to the next stage.

Since sandwiches can have any number of fillings, it is a good idea to have depth in texture when taking a bite to make it more enjoyable.

This is ideal for the crunchy wasabi as this can be achieved with just this one product.


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