New-found Protein in Amazake

New-found Protein in Amazake

New-found of protein elevating health potential

Resistant protein resists digestion in the stomach and has various effects when it reaches the small intestine. Amazake, efficiently delivers this nutrient with its high content of resistant protein, making it standout for its benefits.


How is "Resistant Protein" different from normal protein?


Resistant protein is a substance that exhibits properties similar to dietary fiber and is derived from protein. Typically, dietary fiber is derived from carbohydrates and is found in various foods. However, it is quite rare to find a substance like resistant protein, which is derived from protein itself, and there are very few food sources that contain it.


Normally, proteins are broken down in the stomach and absorbed as amino acids from peptides in the small intestine. However, resistant protein remains undigested and moves to the small intestine, where it exerts various effects. 


Why do you want to intake resistant protein in your daily diet?


The most important feature of resistant protein is that it is not broken down in the stomach, but reaches the intestines and absorbs excess fat in the stomach. According to the professor Ozeki, there are especially significant benefits of resistant protein:


1. Important role in muscle growth and repair


Normally, proteins present in food are broken down by digestive enzymes into amino acids before being absorbed.

Resistant proteins, however, are not easily broken down by digestive enzymes and remain relatively unchanged as they pass through the digestive tract.
This characteristic slows digestion and absorption of instant protein, which means that amino acids are provided over a longer period of time, thus efficiently aiding muscle growth and repair.


2. Promoting a healthy gut environment


To activate gut bacteria, it is crucial to consume a significant amount of water-soluble dietary fiber that reaches the large intestine without being absorbed in the small intestine.
Resistant protein functions similarly to water-soluble dietary fiber and can contribute to maintaining a healthy gut environment.
By improving the gut environment, it can also promote regular bowel movements.


3. Balancing immune function for overall health


Approximately 60-%70% of human immune cells are located in the intestines.

By incorporating resistant protein into the diet, it can stimulate enhanced immune cell activity through the activation of potent probiotics.

This can lead to improved immune function and overall health.


Speciality of resistant protein in Amazake 


A professor Ozeki from Kanazawa Institute of Technology has been conducting research and development on technologies to create high-value materials such as α-EG (alpha-ethyl-D-glucoside) and resistant protein.

Recognising the potential health benefits of "amazake," also known as a "drinkable IV drip", the professor conducted experiments analysing the amount of resistant protein in amazake. 


The anticipated effects of amazake, such as weight management, improvement of gut health, and regulation of bowel movements, align with the observed effects of resistant protein.
The results of the analysis showed that amazake not only met the effective amount of resistant protein but also contained a significant amount of α-EG, which can enhance skin moisture levels.
This suggests that amazake could potentially have a positive effect on skin health as well.


16 Grains Amazake (720ml)



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