Ideal Teatime: Yuzu Red Bean Cake with Tea

Ideal Teatime: Yuzu Red Bean Cake with Tea

The recommend Japanese sweets (wagashi) for afternoon tea

In conjunction with Day of Wagashi (和菓子の日) on 16 June, today, let us introduce the wagashi that was voted no.1 among other sweets from 47 prefectures of Japan, as a wagashi that that go best with tea and coffee.


Ichiroku Tart Yuzu Red Bean Roll Cake (380g)



A Yuzu Red Bean Cake that stands the test of time

Other than it is voted 1st, it is also a wagashi that existed 370 years ago.


This type of Japanese sweets existed since 370 years ago and it is still the sweets that is well-loved by local Japanese until now. The classic taste of azuki red bean - a quintessential ingredient for wagashi - perfectly elevates the yuzu peel that melts with the moist sponge cake.


This roll cake comes in a roll and you can cut and slowly enjoy one slice a time.


Moist, fluffy and traditional taste

Recognised by many Japanese and wagashi lovers.



When you mention "ichiroku tart", it is a famous sweet that almost all Japanese locals in Shikoku area knows.


The brand is known for its long history of Japanese confectionary making since 1883 and this iconic sponge cake that perfectly blends red bean paste with the scent of yuzu.


1. Peeled Azuki Red Bean
Only using peeled azuki beans, the bean paste is unbelievably smooth in your mouth.

2. Yuzu Peel
To bring the freshest flavour, they use fragrant Yuzu from Ehime Prefecture.

Keeping up with the Handmade tradition from Artisans



Although the confectionary has been improved in accordance with the changes of the times, but it still maintained the tradition that should be preserved - carefully selected ingredients and rolled one by one by artisans.


This is also why this cake is a major souvenir from Shikoku that you should definitely try at least once.

With an impactful red bean and yuzu taste, that goes well as a tea time sweets with tea and coffee.



A sweets perfect to enjoy during afternoon teatime.


Enjoy it with authentic Japanese tea


1. Ceremonial Grade Kyoto Uji Matcha



Authentic, additive-free & coloring-free Kyoto Uji Matcha used by professionals for Japanese tea ceremonies. If you want to try the best matcha at home that is used by professionals, this is the best matcha for you!


Ceremonial Grade Uji Matcha (100g)




Matcha and Genmaicha mix, from the blessed environment of traditional tea plantation for 3 generations. The base is from high-grade deep-steamed green tea, which has a bold and rich flavor. It has a fresh fragrance of genmaicha.


Premium Matcha Genmaicha (100g)



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Takowasa, made with sashimi-grade octopus

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