Kochi Local Dish Blessed from the Mountains

Kochi Local Dish Blessed from the Mountains

A Kochi local dish with ingredients blessed from the mountains

Fully vegetable sushi, a traditional dish that existed from the times the locals spent living at the base of the mountain in Kochi, Japan.


Inaka Sushi in Japanese, translated to "countryside sushi". Instead of using fish, various natural vegetables from the mountains are used, together with fragrant yuzu rice.


It can be said the pioneer of healthy, natural, meat-free diet.


Using natural and seasonal plants from the mountains.
Blessings of vegetables found around the area, as it is.



Since the past, locals make use of the nature's blessing for the ingredients. Mountain vegetables, bamboo shoots from Spring, Japanese Ginger in Autumn and more... 


You can taste the seasons from Japan with this traditional mountain sushi. Appreciate the non man-made lifestyle from this countryside sushi. 


Reflecting life living with mountains.
The simple, daily lifestyle since the past.



It is a healthy and also vegan countryside sushi.


Although originally uses egg and dashi broth, but this upgraded version, researched was done to create a vegan version, committed living as earth-and-animal-friendly as possible.


From the seasonal wild vegetables native to Kochi mountains; bamboo shoot, wild plants, shiitake, Japanese red ginger, sweet potato and more.



Try this diet from the ancestors which brings you back to basics, with ingredients used and found from the mountains, rather than a diet, it is the way of life for the locals.


Like enjoying the mountain scenery

The art of classic sushi expressing the moment of strolling the mountain of Kochi Prefecture



Enjoy, explore and savour the beauty of Kochi’s countryside ingredients.


Let the flavours of Kochi's mountain sushi to transport you to a realm where tradition, nature, and taste converge in perfect harmony.


- Mountain Scenery -

12 types of sushi made up of different ingredients, plays a leading role in the dish, allowing you to enjoy a variety of tastes.

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- Exploring Mountain -

Mix of essential vegetables to countryside sushi, chirashi style. Explore the vegetables in every bite.

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- Traditional Countryside Sushi -

8 pieces of sushi, individually plated with a signature vegetable representing Kochi.

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World-Class Freezing Technology

Completed research with the perseverance of technicians and the finest freezing machines, it was recently made possible to deliver the actual taste and appearance of Tosa Inaka Sushi as you will enjoy in Kochi!

In fact, this is the very first frozen Tosa Inaka Sushi to be delivered internationally.


With this special freezing technology, you can enjoy the art of Tosa Inaka Sushi worldwide, without compromising on the taste and quality, winning numerous awards.

The old, but new mountain sushi. A new style.


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