Takowasa, made with sashimi-grade octopus

Takowasa, made with sashimi-grade octopus

Takowasa is indeed one of the most popular dishes at Izakayas.

It consists of thinly sliced raw octopus that is marinated in a flavorful wasabi sauce.

While most takowasa is seasoned with wasabi paste because of its convenience, it uses wasabi root to give not only a spicy flavor but also a crispy texture which sets it apart from others. 

How is this Takowasa different from others?

Using "Real ingredients"

Unlike normal takowasa, this takowasa takes ingredient selection to the next level, featuring sashimi-grade octopus and freshly grated wasabi root.

This meticulous attention to ingredients creates a takowasa experience that resembles enjoying a slice of premium sashimi.

Due to its exceptional qualities, it's well-received in Japan!

It has gained a reputation for its "jaw-dropping deliciousness" that leaves a lasting impact, making you crave it again and again.

Also, it has garnered significant attention in the media, captivating numerous celebrities and public figures.

Using the wasabi root instead of wasabi paste or powder

While most takowasa commonly use wasabi paste or powder, they take pride in using fresh wasabi root.

By incorporating the root portion of the wasabi plant, it offers a refined spiciness that allows you to fully appreciate the distinct flavor of real wasabi.

The use of wasabi root also adds a crunchy texture, complementing the chewy texture of the octopus.

Furthermore, they're committed to using high-quality ingredients means that they minimize the use of additives, allowing you to savor the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Sashimi-grade Octopus sliced into substantial pieces

They use exceptionally fresh and tender octopus that is sourced from the abundant catch of the Shizugawa Bay, known for its thriving octopus fishing industry.

This octopus comes from the offshore waters of the Sanriku region, where the warm Kuroshio Current and the cold Oyashio Current meet.

Feeding on natural abalone in these waters, the octopus develops a remarkable soft texture, which contributes to its renowned quality.

They specifically utilize octopus that is so fresh and high in quality that it can be enjoyed as sashimi.

So it's intentionally cut into larger pieces, enabling you to fully indulge in its delightful firm texture.

One of the best appetizer option to pair with dried sake and beer

Any kind of alcohol can be paired with takowasa, but dry sake or shochu with a dry profile tend to complement the tanginess of takowasa and the spiciness of wasabi while providing a refreshing taste that balances well with the dish.

Beer is also a popular choice and a classic combination at Japanese izakayas.

Takowasa - Thick Sliced Octopus seasoned with Wasabi root 

"Great as appetizer or on its own with rice and sake"
"I keep coming back for more!
The flavor is so well matched to the thick octopus that I can no longer eat the takowasa that I used to eat!"

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