Classic Daiginjo from 400-year-old Sake Brewery

Classic Daiginjo from 400-year-old Sake Brewery

Masterpiece Daiginjo, can be enjoyed from aroma to aftertaste


It's a Daiginjo beloved by both beginners and connoisseurs alike, with its smooth and elegant aroma that delights regardless of the era and trend.
Please enjoy at a slightly cool temperature for the best aroma and texture!


Sake like an art that represents Daiginjo


This masterpiece Daiginjo, crafted by a 400-year-old sake brewery hailed as the epitome of Daiginjo, is a testament to their unparalleled artistry and rich history in the world of sake.

This Daiginjo, created through the pursuit of a silky smooth texture and crafted exclusively as Daiginjo, has garnered a steadfast following across generations, appealing to people of all ages and genders, transcending time and trends.


Meaning of "Classic Sake"


Classic does not necessarily mean old.
This daiginjo sake, representing a renowned sake brewery with a 400-year history, is crafted to deliver an enjoyable experience from the moment it is opened, with its enticing aroma to its lingering aftertaste.

It combines traditional techniques passed down through generations with cutting-edge methods, making it a daiginjo sake beloved by people of all ages and genders throughout the ages.


A work of sake art specially brewed with 100% Yamada-Nishiki


True to its name, this sake offers a silky smooth texture and a refined, fruity fragrance to savor.
It is characterized a fruity aroma called "Ginjo Ka (吟醸香)" (Ka(香)means fragrance in Japanese)and a silky soft taste. 


It is completely handmade using advanced traditional techniques, in which all the bran is removed from the carefully selected best rice and only the heart white is used to brew this sake.

With its rich and beautiful fragrance, as well as a sharpness that exemplifies sake made with Yamada Nishiki rice, this Daiginjo embodies the epitome of exquisite aromas.


Devoted to Ginjo
Choosing Elegance Over Junmai Daiginjo


It is meticulously crafted by a sake brewery with a 400-year history, with a deliberate focus on creating a silky smooth texture reminiscent of silk.

They have chosen to exclusively produce daiginjo sake to achieve this desired quality.


It is brewed by cutting-edge sake brewing technology that only a few Sake breweries hold in Japan.

Taking over a long period of time to polishing Yamada Nishiki 100% to 35% -40% and only the core of white rice can be used to prepare ginjo. 


It's well-received in Japan


”Whenever there is a special occasion, without fail, we always enjoy this sake.
It has a fruity and slightly sweet taste, followed by a refreshing and crisp finish.
It is a smooth and refined sake from Yamagata, with no harshness or strong aftertaste”.


”It is not overly sweet, making it a perfect complement to any dish.
Personally, I enjoy pairing it with sweet treats like castella or cake”.


”This sake is the first one that I, someone who typically doesn't enjoy Japanese sake, found truly delicious!

It feels like savoring a sip of fragrant water as it effortlessly glides down the throat.
Truly a sake that lives up to its name”.



[SMV +4.5] Kinu Daiginjyo (720ml) / 絹 大吟醸




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