Unrevealing Negitoro: The Untold Story

Unrevealing Negitoro: The Untold Story

When we hear the name negitoro we may automatically assume that it comes from a combination of ‘negi’ which is green onion and ‘toro’ the fatty portion of tuna.

Interestingly, it is derived from the word ‘negitoru’ which means to scrape off the remaining meat attached to the bone. This is because negitoro was originally created to use the extra parts of meat to make sure nothing goes to waste.

The life of negitoro also initially began as a donburi, which is a dish where it is served on top of a bowl of rice.

Let us introduce the speciality of of negitoro and enjoyment techniques!

The rarity of top-graded maguro experience beyond Japan

An established and reliable wholesaler, Misaki Megumi Suisan sources only the freshest and high-quality selection of maguro.

Supplying products for hotels and restaurants across Japan as well as internationally, they are trusted in providing only the finest of maguro products.

Using their signature technique of super freezing the maguro, it ensures that the fresh flavour is maintained for as long as possible even once it reaches your doorstep.

It is quite rare to find top-graded maguro of this quality outside of Japan.

As a versatile form of sahimi

Negitoro is a special ingredient as it can be used in so many ways.

Popular styles include gunkanmaki, makizushi and as a donburi, but can even be eaten on its own as a side dish too.

With its versatility it allows for anyone to prepare the negitoro in any way they please, a great way to get experimental in cooking new dishes.



1. Negitorodon

Simple in preparation and providing a filling hearty meal, this is an option that you can make nice and quickly.

A bowl of rice with the negitoro on top and then a generous drizzle of sauce which consists of soy sauce, dashi, mirin, sake and sugar, you are ready to send your taste buds on an adventure.

2. Negitoro Roll

Easy to eat and a classic for all sushi lovers, you can never go wrong with a negitoro roll.

A bit more skill will be required to make them well, but they are the perfect finger foods to eat at picnics or a day out. Ideal even for a large gathering as you can create a lot of rolls with a decent portion of negitoro. 

3. Gunkanmaki

Possibly the most popular way that negitoro is served in Japan, this is the pinnacle of negitoro.

A harmonious blend of presentation with taste, this takes the delicacy to the next level where you can fully appreciate the quality and flavours of the maguro to the next level.

 4. On its own

For people that just simply love the taste of negitoro, eating it on its own with some soy sauce like any other piece of sashimi may be the best choice.

With no other distractions from any other ingredients clouding your taste, you can fully appreciate the strong umami.


Authentic way to enjoy negitoro is...

Having the negitoro prepared, all that is missing are a few potential items that could take the meal to the next level. Since the negitoro possesses rich oily qualities, sake makes an amazing pairing.

Ideally, a lighter sake that would heighten the subtle flavours of the negitoro instead of overpowering it is excellent.

Light and dry would probably suit it the best as it goes well with the saltiness too, but sweet can work too if it is not too strong.

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