Top 10 Best-Sellers of pure Japanese Quality

Top 10 Best-Sellers of pure Japanese Quality

Top 10 Best Selling Japanese Food in May

Explore the food from Japan most Japanese lovers are craving for. In J Passport, we bring in the foods that are of quality and minimally processed so you can enjoy the flavours to the fullest.


Check out the top 10 purchased in May.

If you have not try them, you should read on to find out why.


1. Fried Amaebi Cracker

- From sashimi grade amaebi cracker seasoned with only salt -


The minimal processing and seasoning preserves the real taste of fresh sweet shrimp (amaebi). At its slight premium price tag, offers the quality of freshness that artisans will not compromise for. It is loved by repeaters whom favours the taste of real seafood.



"The senbei is crisp, very fragrant and wholesome goodness. The shrimp flavour lingers in your mouth afterwards."


2. Persimmon Butter Millefeuille

- One of our signatures that you will always see in top rankings -


Using only premium Ichida persimmon and non-fermented butter, it offers a synergy of sweetness and saltiness.


Subtlety melts-in-your-mouth, bringing out the natural sweetness of sun dried Ichida persimmon as an established high-class brand that has been produced in the Nagano, Japan since around 1800.


In 1943, it was presented to the Imperial Household, which attests to the history and dignity of the Ichida persimmon.



"Can taste the freshness and sweetness of the persimmon. Blends well with the butter. Yummy!"



3. Yuzu Sake

- Just quality yuzu fruit and award-winning ginjo sake -


The fine flavours of yuzu and sake can be taste from this bottle.

Not just a usual yuzushu, it is crafted with  "onnajoshu" Ginjo Sake (吟醸) which has more than 200 years of history.


It is a liquor with a rich yuzu aroma with fruity fragrant from the ginjo.



"First of all, the beauty of this box caught my attention.
Not only is it delicious, but the box is a beautiful contrast of gold on white, and the bottle label is a beautiful black and gold.


4. Jersey Milk Strawberry Daifuku

- Not only a mochi, but a delicate art of traditional silk mochi -

A sweet that is well received at our events. Once you taste it, you will understand its soft texture and rich, milky, sweet sour taste. Inspired by the Edo period's silk textile industry, the art of its silky mochi skin was passed and preserve through generations.



"Mild and fresh taste of jersey milk makes the strawberry even more flavorful!"


5. [SMV -2] Suiro Junmai Daiginjo

- Elegant scent, light and clean taste -


Made from purely rice and koji, using the best sake rice from the best sake rice producing prefecture.

The rice is polished at 39%, an astonishing number within the world of sake.


For people who like sweet sake, this is the sake to go for to experience the real taste of junmai daiginjo.

Enjoy its fruity scent with a clear, smooth finishing.



"It gives a longer aftertaste that can enjoy than other sake."


6. Daiyame Shochu

- Crisp, dry taste with perfected with slight lychee aroma -


Best appreciated for its sweet and mellow and crispy aftertaste. It is the best served with soda as a highball to fully elevate its aroma. A drink which you can enjoy in the evening. Switch up your daily gin nights with this Daiyame shochu for a different experience.



"Gradually taste fluffy, deliciated, like white wine."


7. Fried Squid Cracker

- Fresh taste of squid with secret umami sauce -


As a cracker, it still retains the shape of the squid as it is. Marinated in secret sweet sauce, it is coated with a thin layer of Hokkaido starch and pressed on a hot plate. Minimal steps to achieve a cracker appreciated for the artisan's effort.



 ”I like the fact that no synthetic sweeteners, caramel or artificial flavours are added.
The crispy texture and sweet and spicy flavor are so delicious and addictive that you can't help but get carried away and eat too much”


8. Spicy Grilled Stingray Fin (Eihire) snack

- Goes well with alcohol, a great snack to go with our sakes -


Fresh Stingray fin strips seasoned using traditional methods and spiced with hot chili peppers. It is an all-time popular snack, loved by all ages in Japan!


Dried stingray snacks are not commonly found Singapore, making it one of the more sought after appetizers when we introduce in our offline events.


9. Takowasa

- Just sashimi grade octopus and chewy wasabi bits -


With just natural seasoning, focusing to bring out the natural flavours of the ingredients. The octopus used are from Minamisanriku, which is famous for quality octopus which feeds on abalone and sea urchins.



"I was surprised at the size of the octopus!
I could really taste the octopus without the insistence of wasabi like you would get at an izakaya. It is really delicious."


10. 16 Grains Amazake

- An amazake with 16 grains, giving a higher nutrition value -


100% made from Japanese rice and multigrains with no preservation. With no alcohol content, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages! No sugar or preservatives are added, but focused on Japanese ingredients to create natural deliciousness.


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