The culture behind 100 year-old shops in Japan

The culture behind 100 year-old shops in Japan

In a world where traditional businesses are being replaced by fast-growing retail giants, Japan stands out with its strong presence of shops with over 100 years history, termed shinise (老舗).

As of 2020, there are at least 33,000 shinise in Japan, which are usually family businesses passed down the generations. Check out our best selling products with long history in Japan:

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100 year-old shops:
A symbol of quality and pride. A connection between craftsman and locals.

Most shinise are from traditional industries such as tea, food and crafts. Craftsman prides in staying true to their traditional values and quality.

Their tireless efforts and pursuit of quality are deeply respected within the locals.

The deep-rooted connection between the craftsmen, the community, and the cultural heritage they carry is a testament to the significance of these businesses in Japanese culture and history. 

Let us introduce this 140 years old confectionary from Ehime, Japan.

Ichiroku Honpo Confectionary

- Continuing the tradition of handmade cakes and quality ingredients in modern times -

Founded in 1883. This is one of the traditional confectionary shop representing long-established companies in Matsuyama City, Ehime prefecture. 

The Pride of Handmade Yuzu Red Bean Cake

The confectionary has improved in accordance with the changes of the times, but still maintained the traditions that should be preserved - each roll is handmade and rolled individually, red beans sieved to ensure a smooth texture.

Dedication to its quality

From yuzu grown by deliciated farmers, to red bean, to its sugar used, it creates an incredibly smooth azuki bean paste that is perfect with a tinge of yuzu taste, hand rolled by artisans.

After 140 years, this cake is still well loved by locals from kids to elderly!

It has an aromatic mild sweetness of the specialty yuzu. With fillings made of smooth bean paste mixed with yuzu, this flavour is still loved by Ehime locals. Through its quality, this is also famous amongst its neighbouring prefectures too.

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Other products from long-established shops in Japan

1. Wasabi

From Yamamoto Foods founded in 1905, it is now a business that encourages customers to try new ways to enjoy wasabi by a professional wasabi producer.

"Wasabi Made by a Wasabi Professional"

Beyond just pickled wasabi, they have expanded their lineup of wasabi-related products nationwide. Encouraging new ways to try wasabi, from wasabi crafted with skills of artisans, evolving with time and trends. Try new ways to enjoy this freshly grind wasabi with your steak, rice and even salads.

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2. Yomeishu Herbal Drink

A known brand with 400 years of history. First founded in 1602, with a desire for a healthier lifestyle, continues to be manufactured to this day.

Inherited the spirit that seeks to contribute to the healthy lifestyles of people.

With time-tested wisdom and knowhow, they are indebted to the legacy that brought them to this success. Try new healthy herbal porridge with signature Yomeishu drink today.

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