【Story】Traditional Countryside Sushi

【Story】Traditional Countryside Sushi

The art of traditional sushi expressing the mountains of Kochi Prefecture.
A plant-based sushi uses ingredients blessed from the mountains of Kochi.
It is like enjoying the mountain scenery in Kochi’s countryside!

An official collaboration with the Kochi government, be the first to enjoy traditional artistic sushi from Kochi worldwide!

“Tosa” is the former name of Kochi prefecture and “Inaka” means "countryside".

Tosa Inaka Sushi (Kochi Countryside Sushi) is a traditional sushi from Kochi, that uses seasonal and edible wild plants / vegetables blessed from the Kochi mountains.

It is unlike your usual sushi using seafood ingredients.

Tosa Inaka Sushi has two main characteristics:

Rice using “yuno-zu”, a yuzu-based sushi vinegar, and ingredients are seasonal, wild vegetables blessed from Kochi mountains .

1. Rice:

The sushi vinegar is made from squeezed yuzu called Yuno-zu. Since ancient times, the mountains of Tosa, have produced many citrus fruits such as yuzu, buchkan, and daidai.

The ancestors have squeezed them at home to make sushi for celebrations and special occasions, and have continued to enjoy the vinegar.

*Buchkan...is an evergreen shrub of the mandarin orange family, and is a type of fragrant citrus, like "yuzu", Daidai...is an evergreen tree of the mandarin orange family, and its fruit.

2. Ingredients:

Each of the 12 sushi dishes is filled with the plant-based ingredients of the mountains of Kochi.

Let's enjoy the view of mountain scenery with ingredients blessed from Kochi mountain~

Enjoy the beautiful Traditional Countryside Sushi!
Traditional Countryside Sushi - Exploring Mountain - 土佐田舎寿司 -散策-
+ Traditional Countryside Sushi - Mountain Scenery - 土佐田舎寿司 -山景色-


【Story】Tanoya Enjiro

【Story】Tanoya Enjiro

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