【Story】Shibuya Suisan

【Story】Shibuya Suisan

Conveying Japan's traditional food culture with marine products from Japan's top class water quality

Since its establishment in 1962, their company has been located in Toragehama, Shiraoi, Hokkaido at the foot of Lake Kuttara, which boasts one of the best water quality in Japan, and has been providing traditional Japanese food culture to the tables of their customers by focusing solely on fish processing.

They will continue to make every effort to meet the expectations of their customers by providing high quality taste and thorough quality control, and they will do our best to improve the food culture of Japan.

They look forward to your continued support of Takemaru Shibuya Suisan's processed seafood products, which are processed in the clean sea, rich natural air of Hokkaido, and delicious water of Toragehama, Hokkaido.

What they are particular about

1. Use of high quality water

They use groundwater from Lake Kuttara, which has the best quality of water in Japan.

2.Use of fresh, high-quality cod roe from Hokkaido

They use Alaska Pollock roe from Maehama in Hokkaido. The Alaska Pollock caught off the coast of Iriwari is processed in Toragehama on the same day, and the eggs are taken out and sent directly to the factory to be pickled as fresh "raw eggs”.

3. Safe and secure production control with excellent hygiene

They are the first seafood processing facility to receive the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare's award for excellent food hygiene, and manufacture under thorough hygiene management.

4. Other ingredients are also made in Japan

They use mainly natural ingredients such as Hakata salt, fresh yuzu, kelp, and fish sauce.

Food Competition Product Awards

They offer a variety of products such as sashimi tarako (cod roe), which has been delivered to the Imperial Household Agency, and spicy cod roe, which won the Fisheries Commissioner's Award at the National Food Exhibition.

Enjoy collections from Shibuya Suisan
+ High-grade Hokkaido Mentaiko in Special Sauce



【Story】Tanoya Enjiro

【Story】Tanoya Enjiro

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