【Story】Kobayashi Brewery

【Story】Kobayashi Brewery

Kobayashi Brewery is one of the oldest sake breweries in Hokkaido, established in 1878. It cherishes 143-year-long traditions to cultivate the art of sake brewing with traditional techniques using 100% Hokkaido-grown rice.

The philosophy of the brewery is to be able to see the faces of all the rice growers and to feel the climate of the region. Young farmers work as farmers in the summer and brew sake in the winter. 

They continue to brew the blessings of the mountains and the heart of agriculture.

Other breweries in Hokkaido

Blessed with a cool climate and good quality water, Hokkaido is a land suitable for sake brewing. In recent years, sake rice, which is the raw material for sake, has been varieties suitable for Hokkaido, such as "Ginfu", "Suisei", and "Kitashizuku".

The number of places where sake is brewed with Hokkaido rice is increasing, and sake with a taste is being made one after another with the water and rice of Hokkaido.

Since 2017, several sake breweries have opened in Hokkaido, and there are currently 14 breweries and 16 factories throughout Hokkaido. When the COVID-19 pandemic has settled down, why not come to Hokkaido and visit the various sake breweries?

Map of breweries & distilleries in Hokkaido, as of June 2020
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Hokkaido Sake Award 2021

"Hokkaido Sake Award 2021" was held in Hokkaido, this year.

Check out the winners of the Grand Prix on Hokkaido Government Representative Office facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HokkaidoGovernment/posts/1091125451690938

Enjoy Premium Sake from Kobayashi Brewery!
+ Kita no Nishiki - Kuragakoi Kanjuku Hizou Junmai (SMV -5) - 北の錦 「蔵囲完熟 秘蔵純米」(720ml)

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【Story】Senjo brewery

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【Story】Higashiyama Saryo

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