Seeking a recommendation for a good sake to try?

Seeking a recommendation for a good sake to try?

Gohyakumangoku50, one of our most repeated collection

is particularly loved by our members both online and exclusive offline event and something we recommend you if you are not sure what to try first!

Natural Sparkling Gohyakumangoku50
Junmai Daiginjyo (720ml)

First of all, it's Junmai Daiginjo

The polishing ratio rule states that ginjo sake must have a polishing ratio of less than 60%, and daiginjo sake must have a polishing ratio of less than 50%.

Higher polishing ratios mean more of the outer layer of rice is removed, resulting in a more refined and expensive daiginjo sake due to the additional time and effort required in the production process.

Gohyakumangoku50 is made from rice called "Gohyakumangoku" produced in Chiba Prefecture, which has a tendency to produce more umami than others.

In order to bring out that delicate flavor, is made by fermenting at a low temperature for a long time.

And it is exclusively available for sale to liquor retailers, making it difficult to purchase for individuals, even in Japan.

Working with our partner, we are able to bring limited bottles to you!

Slightly sparkling plays good accent

You can enjoy the natural slight sparkling sensation achieved by direct-drawing from the tank.

Fresh sparkling dissolves in, filling the mouth with soft and voluptuous flavor and sweetness like fruity aroma reminiscent of pears!

The clean acidity and slight sparkling give the taste a refreshing and crisp feeling.

It's recommended to have with champagne or wine glass to enjoy a different experience!

Very authentic yet affordable

Affordable, yet doesn't compromise on the rich and luxurious flavor that truly allows you to savor the essence of Junmai Daiginjo.

This is one of the reasons why it has a high rate of repeat purchases.

It's direct-drawing unfiltered raw sake, how is it special?

Sake is a delicate product that oxidizes and changes its flavor when exposed to air.

With direct-drawing, they're freshly pressed and bottled on the spot, taking as much time and effort as possible to keep it as airtight as possible, so that it has a fizzy, mouthwatering taste reminiscent of champagne.

Direct drawn enables you to enjoy the fresh taste that only the brewer or brewer's staff would normally be able to enjoy.

Unfiltered raw sake has been popular among sake enthusiasts.

Unfiltered sake, unlike regular sake, skips the filtration process after pressing, preserving fine particles like rice sediment and lees.

This allows for a raw and unfiltered taste experience.

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