[Restock] 16 grains amazake

[Restock] 16 grains amazake

It's made from Japanese grown 16 types of grains and rice koji.
16 varieties of miscellaneous grains which are often lacking in the modern diet are added.
By incorporating these miscellaneous grains into the ingredients of amazake, you can effortlessly obtain essential nutrients.
It contains 0% alcohol, making it suitable for everyone to enjoy.


Nutrient-Rich Non-Alcoholic Amazake


It is consistently among our top-selling products, constantly in high demand and often sold out upon restocking.
This highly popular amazake seamlessly fits into your daily routine, requiring only a daily consumption of 100ml.


It is crafted from a diverse blend of grain varieties, including brown rice, celebrated for its status as a "complete nutritional food" due to its exceptional nutritional content.
It also features black rice, known for its anthocyanin content, serving as powerful antioxidants to alleviate eye strain.
Additionally, it contains iron, essential for blood production and oxygen transport; potassium, crucial for regulating bodily fluids and blood pressure; and millet, renowned for its high magnesium content.


All-Natural Koji-Fermented Amazake with Diverse Grains


No sugars or preservatives are added; their focus is on utilizing authentic Japanese ingredients to craft natural deliciousness.
It is meticulously prepared using the traditional koji fermentation method, allowing you to savor the innate sweetness and richness derived from Japanese rice, koji, and grains.


It's known as drinkable IV shot


1. Enhancing Gut Health

Grains are abundant sources of dietary fiber, making them effective in alleviating constipation and promoting a healthier intestinal environment.
These improvements can also lead to a reduction in acne breakouts and the development of smoother skin, as skin health is closely tied to gut health.


2. Balancing Nutritional Deficiencies

Grains, brimming with vitamins and dietary fiber, offer a nutrient-rich option that allows you to enhance your nutritional intake without altering your overall food consumption.


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