【Recommend】Chinese New Year

【Recommend】Chinese New Year

1. Ichiroku Tart - Traditional Ehime bite-size cake -

Most famous confectionery in Ehime Prefecture since 370 years ago.
This is still loved by local people from kids to elderly!

Handmade by artisans with Ehime’s yuzu and smooth red bean paste in a traditional shop since 1883.

Each roll is handmade, rolled and perfectly sliced individually by artisans, from a traditional confectionary shop in Ehime Prefecture, founded in 1883.

2. Crushed Red Bean and Milk Cream Roll Cake

The combination of cream with crushed red beans and fluffy sponge is amazing, unlike the usual smooth red bean paste.

From the most famous confectionery shop in Ehime Prefecture established 138 years ago.

3. Fluffy Baked Sweet Potato Cake

It's like eating a real baked sweet potato!
Made from Tokushima Prefecture Specialty Sweet Potato, Narutokintoki (なると金時芋).
It is rich in vitamins and minerals, with a fluffy and sweet flavor, similar to chestnut!


Best selling confectionery from Tokushima prefecture since 1949. 

It is one of Tokushima Prefecture's representative sweet potatoes that was certified as a regional collective trademark (regional brand) in 2007.

Shop premium sweets for Chinese New Year
Ichiroku Tart - Traditional Ehime bite-size cake -
Crushed Red Bean and Milk Cream Roll Cake
Fluffy Baked Sweet Potato Cake

【Story】Kobayashi Brewery

【Story】Kobayashi Brewery

【Recommend】Chinese New Year

【Recommend】Chinese New Year

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