More than just Umeshu and Yuzushu

More than just Umeshu and Yuzushu

Umeshu and Yuzushu are part of Japan's culture and tradition, well liked by many people in Japan and over the world.


At J Passport, we take pride in our selection of umeshu and yuzushu, which we believe stand out in terms of taste and quality compared to other liqueurs we have tried.


Our selection process takes into consideration the quality of the base alcohol and the fruits used, which are crucial factors to the quality.



1. Onna Joshu Yuzushu

Sake with over 200 years of history + High quality Gifu yuzu



This Onna Joshu Yuzu-Shu was created to honor Lady Otsuya, one of the few historical female castle lord, and commemorate the 800th anniversary of Iwamura Castle.



About the Ginjo Sake



Iwamura Brewery, established in 1787, produces premium "Onna Joshu" Ginjo Sake with over 200 years of history. The sake is made from rice polished at 60%, using special yeast and fermentation techniques. The brewery emphasizes using local ingredients, such as locally cultivated rice and water from a well used for 400 years, to create a true "local sake."


It is light, fruity, and fragrant!


With alcohol content of 9%, it is suited for casual drinkers and people who wants some refreshing drink in this hot weather. As you pour, the fragrant of yuzu spreads.


Onna Joshu Yuzu-shu (500ml)





Do you know?

Yuzu is rich in vitamins and is said to be good for health and beauty. This yuzushu is best served straight or on the rocks! 


2. "My Favourite" Aged Umeshu

Unique sesame shochu + Fresh picked Kojiro plums



The combination of best ingredients crowns this umeshu the winner for five consecutive years.



It has to be from fresh picked Kojiro plums, also known as "Blue Diamonds" as it is firmer than others. Firmer plums makes rich plum extracts! The plums are soaked in unique sesame shochu and aged over a year and you can truly taste the original plum and fragrant aroma.


About the Sesame Shochu



Normally breweries use distiller shochu, but here for the umeshu, signature sesame shochu to achieve a better form and to stand out from other umeshu! Legends have it that the world’s first distilled liquor made from sesame seeds is from this brewery. With the influence of western liquor, they carefully crafted sesame shochu to create a fragrant liquor that is on par with western liquor on a national level.


Enjoy the rich taste of plums and sesame aroma



The alcohol content is at 18%, creating a robust plum wine that is both sweet and bold. A confident taste to the mature palate.


Ohako Umeshu - Mature Palate Approved Plum Wine (720ml)





Do you know?

Umeshu is rich in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in relaxation and relieve constipation and bloating.


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