Michelin grade oyster to Singapore dining

Michelin grade oyster to Singapore dining

 Oysters are one of the most heavily regulated seafood products that are notoriously difficult to export to Singapore due to the strict regulation and the requirement of cutting-edge freezing technology.

Even though our partners found oysters that passed strict inspections, they wanted to deliver only the truly delicious ones.


It took more than 4 years for our partner, to succeed in bringing the best-selling oysters of all time to Singapore!




It started with sourcing oysters from all over Japan that can meet strict criteria



When exporting oysters in shell to Singapore, a sanitary control program must be prepared for each oyster from the prefecture and approved by the Singapore government.


In the first few years of sourcing oysters in Hokkaido, our partner tried about 4 suppliers, but had to give up due to paperwork, freezing techniques, and improvement issues.


It took years to just find oysters that can pass the strict criteria!



Found oysters that can potentially pass the inspection, but it had to be the best of the best



There were other suppliers distributing oysters from Hiroshima. However, the quality was not good enough.

Our partner was initially introduced to a fishing cooperative’s oysters in Hokkaido but the price was high due to its popularity.


One day, they finally found the oysters they really want to deliver to Singapore!


They were told by a person who runs a regional trading company that there were good oysters in Iwate prefecture. So they went to Yamada city, Iwate, got on a boat, and were shown to the sea where the oysters grow.



The oysters from the extraordinary passion from Sanriku Yamada Oyster Research Association


Image from https://jf-sanrikuyamada.shop/?mode=cate&cbid=2414135&csid=0


The members of the association are all rivals in their own right, but working together to produce oysters that will become Yamada’s branding and pride.


Particular about what is in the oysters, and the members cultivate oysters that are second to none. Only high-level fishermen gathered and find the best way to produce the best oysters.


Image from https://jf-sanrikuyamada.shop/?mode=cate&cbid=2414135&csid=0


They want to deliver oysters from Yamada Bay with pride, saying that these are the oysters of Yamada Bay.


Even if the quality of the oysters is generally acceptable, they will stop shipping oysters that do not meet their own standards. On top of the quality, our partner was impressed by extraordinary passion of association members which made us make the final decision.


Today these oysters are supplied to Michelin star restaurants in Singapore!



[Sashimi Grade] Yamada Bay Oyster with whole shell




No worries, shell is easy to open!

People often ask us if shucking oysters is difficult, but there's really no need to worry.
This oyster can be opened easily with kitchen knife, or event a metal spoon!



How to open?
Before opening an oyster, make sure to check which side is flat and position it with the flat side facing up.
Then, insert a knife or meal spoon into the hinge of the shell and gently wiggle it to detach the oyster from the top shell that's connected to the muscle.


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