【Recipe】Japanese 21 mixed multigrain with Saba Can🌾🐟

【Recipe】Japanese 21 mixed multigrain with Saba Can🌾🐟

Japanese 21 mixed multigrain with Saba Can🌾🐟

💡 What is “Multigrain”??
"Multigrains" contain various nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, depending on the type of multigrains. 
By consuming these grains with white rice, you can reduce the ratio of carbohydrates in the same cup of rice, and consume a variety of nutrients. 
In addition, multigrains are often more crunchy than white rice, so it will lead you to chew them more often. 
This reduces the appetite, and you tend to feel satisfied even with a small amount!!

 📖 Recipe
- Ingredients
・21 multigrains
・1 packed of multigrain
・1 can HOTEI Saba Can - Mizuni (Original salt flavour)
・1 tablespoon soy sauce
・1 tablespoon mirin
・1 tablespoon cooking sake

- Preparation -
Step 1 : Wash rice, add water up to the 2 cups mark, and add the 21 multigrains. 
Step 2 : Flake the HOTEI Saba Can and add the juice in the can as well. 
Step 3 : Add soy sauce, mirin, and cooking sake, mix them lightly, and start the rice cooker!

Step 4 : Once it’s done cooking, let it steam for 2 to 3 minutes and enjoy!

Health Benefit
🌾 Multigrain 
+ Prevents blood sugar spikes
As your body takes longer to digest multigrains, your blood sugar rises more slowly.
+ Improves the intestinal environment
Barley is rich in dietary fiber, and contains 19 times more fiber than white rice.
It activates intestinal bacteria and improves the intestinal environment.

🐟Saba Can
+ Highly Nutritional
A SABA can contains high EPA, DHA and calcium, and is rich in Vitamin B & D.
Contains 2000 mg of DHA and 950 mg of EPA per can.
EPA and DHA are commonly found in fatty fishes like saba, and are often called "marine omaga 3".

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