Fun Japanese Food Making with Kids

Fun Japanese Food Making with Kids

This June school holiday, create a memorable culinary adventure with your kids and bond over the joy of delicious Japanese food.


Whether it's indulging in pure quality sea urchin (uni) and flavorful ikura (salmon roe) or pancakes without any preservatives or additives, there's something for your loved ones to enjoy.


Explore ideas to savor the delightful flavors of Japanese cuisine alongside your little ones!



1. Sushi Making

with just restaurant-quality seafood and sushi rice



Sushi making is an ideal family meal that offers a delightful experience for both kids and adults. Everyone can select their favorite ingredients and create their own unique combinations, adding a personal touch to their rolls.



The best part is that it is easy to prepare, and with quality ingredients, it is healthy, nutritious and can be enjoyed by everyone.

How you can create your own sushi session at home with 4 steps:


1. Gather the Ingredients

2. Prepare your own plates

3. Wash your hands

4. Get creative with each temaki roll!


Quality Japanese ingredients perfect for Sushi Making:



2. Pancake Making

with just pancake mix, milk and egg

Cooking pancakes together with your child is not only a fun activity but also a great way to promote food learning. When kids actively participate in making pancakes, they learn about the different ingredients, which cultivates an interest in food and encourages healthy eating habits.


By enjoying the process together, it stimulates their appetite and enhances their eagerness to relish this nutritious breakfast or snack. A pancake mix originated from a mother who faced challenges in preparing healthy baby food is an easy way to get started.


Easy-to-make kids friendly buttermilk pancake and what you can go with:


Designed for Cocktail, Unrivaled Premium Shochu

Designed for Cocktail, Unrivaled Premium Shochu

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