Father's Day Gift, Direct from Japan

Father's Day Gift, Direct from Japan

When searching for the the perfect Father's Day gift for fathers who loves Japan, there's no doubt that a thoughtful, unique gift direct from Japan will be a pleasant surprise.


Our online shop offers a wide range of products from alcohol to food direct from Japan.

Here are some gift ideas you can consider from us:


Japanese Unique Sake and Spirits

unique from Japan, sourced by our trusted sake connoisseur, Ohta-san.


1. [SMV +5] Daiginjo Rosan

Highest quality 35% polished Daiginjo sake.

Crafted by a 230-year-old brewery, with the pursuit of perfection.


Clear sake that is not too sweet, with mellow taste that wraps around the tongue and extremely fruity aroma. Brewed with finest Yamada Nishiki rice at 35% rice polishing ratio. With each sip, is a testament to the brewery's commitment to being the best Daiginjo sake brewery.


[SMV +5] Daiginjo Rosan (720ml)


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2. Kinu Daiginjo + Mogamigawa Special Junmai Bundle

Authentic, best sakes from a 400-year-old brewery.

Celebration bundle with limited sake masu cup.


A signature Kinu Daiginjo with 40% rice polishing ratio with a fruity aroma and a silky soft taste brewed by cutting-edge sake brewing technology that only a few sake breweries hold in Japan.


A special Mogamigawa Junmai sake with 55% rice polishing ratio with the lightest, cleanest taste of rice. The same sake supplied to famous sushi restaurant in Singapore.


Kinu Daiginjo (720ml) +
Mogamigawa Junmai (720ml)


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3. Daikoshu Toroshikaya Shochu (720ml)

Limited to only 2000 productions per year.

20 years oak barrel aged, with a rich aroma and taste like Scotch Whiskey.


Sweet, fragrant aroma, solid body, rich and mellow taste of rice and the light aroma of wheat. Premium, awarded by international jury of world's best chefs and sommeliers, distilled with a 500-year-old traditional technique.


Daikoshu Toroshikaya Shochu (720ml)


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Japanese Seafood and appetizers

create an unforgettable feast fit for a gourmet-loving dad

1. Superior Seafood Bundle

A curation of restaurant quality sashimi you can enjoy at home


Introducing our bundle of premium seafood, typically sourced exclusively for Singapore's finest restaurants, now made available to you through our trusted partnerships with wholesalers. You can enjoy an exquisite dining experience fit for 3-4pax.


4 kinds of sashimi-grade seafood bundle


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2. Takowasa - Thick Octopus with Wasabi Stem

Sashimi-grade Octopus good with rice or alcohol



Exceptional flavors of sashimi-grade octopus, sourced from the bountiful waters of the Sanriku Sea - one of the world's three major fishing grounds, allowing you to experience the full umami flavor. Impressive chunks reflects the remarkable quality in every bite.


Thick cut Takowasa with wasabi stem (150g)


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3. Persimmon Butter Millefeuille (100g)

Exclusive sun-dried premium persimmon dessert, not too sweet.


One-of-a-kind artisan delight available exclusively on J Passport - a delectable sweet with butter nestled between dried persimmons, a unique fusion of Japanese and Western influences, perfect for pairing with tea, whiskey, or wine.


Persimmon Butter Millefeuille (100g)


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Japanese Authentic Green Tea

add-on to your purchase to encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle for your loved ones


1. 100% Kyoto Uji Matcha Powder

Finely grounded Kyoto Uji green tea leaves dedicated for tea ceremony practices


Delight your tea-loving dad with 100% Kyoto Uji green tea, carefully sourced from Kyoto Prefecture, free from additives and colorings, easy to drink, versatile for various preparations, and guaranteed to offer a smooth and flavorful experience enjoyed on its own.


100% Kyoto Uji Matcha Powder (100g)


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2. Premium Matcha Genmaicha

From Shizuoka Prefecture well known for their history and quality tea plantation


Highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Their accolades, including the World Green Tea Contest Gold Award and the prestigious Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, further validate their commitment to producing exceptional teas.


Premium Matcha Genmaicha (200g)


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