【Recipe】Crunchy Uni Tempura🍤✨

【Recipe】Crunchy Uni Tempura🍤✨

Uni Tempura Recipe🍤✨

Delicately fried fresh Sea Urchin wrapped in seaweed.



・Sea urchin (Bafun Uni!!)
・Perilla (green shiso)
・1.5 tbsp flour
・1.5 tablespoons of potato starch
・Cold water 50cc
・Oil for frying
1. Filling : Place the perilla on top the seaweed
2. Filling : Place an adequate amount of Bafun Uni on top of the perilla. 
    *Uni should be able to cover up with seaweed!!
3. Skin : Mix all ingredients of skin together
Dip the wrapped Uni in the batter
5. Fry in oil at 180 ℃
    *Take it out as soon as it turns 
golden brown
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