Speciality of Toyosu Market

Nestled on the shores of Tokyo Bay sits the illustrious Toyosu market, a truly exceptional marketplace. 
A plethora of talented fishermen and intermediates congregate here to provide an unrivalled range of fresh and superior-grade seafood supplied from every corner of Japan. 
Expert buyers procure high-quality seafood, fostering a relationship of trust with suppliers.
 The market's "Omakase" menu entrusts the buyers with selecting the best types of fish.

Understanding the Toyosu Market function and its speciality

Finest quality attained 

Japanese customers, such as restaurant owners, understand that fish trading is at market price, and the best types of fish vary depending on the day. 
These customers have established a strong connection with buyers. 
That’s why they trust their buyers who “bid” to get the best fish and procure it for them. 
 An “Omakase” menu in a restaurant does not necessarily imply that the Japanese chef will select the dishes. 
Instead, the chef will be skilfully utilizing the best fish obtained that day at the market, handpicked by a knowledgeable buyer. 
 There is a unique symbiotic relationship between Toyosu market’s buyers and customers in Japan, firmly building on mutual trust and long-standing connections. This is the reason why the “Omakase” menu works so well. 
 Customers rely on the expertise of the Toyosu buyers, who are professionals in each kind of fish field and acquire the finest fish available for the best prices on a given day.  

Buyers of Toyosu Market 

Buyers at Toyosu Market possess exceptional expertise, enabling them to discern the finest fish. 
In cases where they require additional knowledge, they consult a network of specialists, including conger eel, sea urchin and salmon roe experts.
These highly skilled professionals at Toyosu Market come from generational family businesses, deeply rooted in ancestral heritage, and have cultivated connections since their youth. 
 For instance, Conger eel specialists showcase their innate ability to evaluate each fish by hand, demonstrating unrivalled precision and care, bypassing the need for scales. 
Every professional at Toyosu Market possesses profound knowledge of the fish they handle, which is why it attracts the top talent in Japan's seafood industry. 
At Toyosu Direct, we have meticulously designed a seamless system to provide our esteemed consumers in Singapore with a premium experience. 
We personally hand-select the freshest and highest quality seafood, sourced using traditional Japanese fishing methods. 
Our collection includes an exceptional range of authentic Japanese seafood, proudly featuring regional specialties. 
Allow us to present you with a first-class opportunity to savour the true flavours of Japan.