OMAKASE System in its Finest Form

Toyosu market buyers community is a highly exclusive community that especially values traditional, personal and long-established relationships and they generally only deal with long-standing and trusted customers, and even Japanese buyers may have to wait for several years or more before they can receive "best fish" from them.  

Deliver OMAKASE Selection Directly to Singapore Dining

Committed to build True OMAKASE System

Japanese customers, such as restaurant owners, understand that fish trading is at market price, and the best types of fish vary depending on the day. 
These customers have established a strong connection with buyers. 
That’s why they trust their buyers who “bid” to get the best fish and procure it for them. 
 An “Omakase” menu in a restaurant does not necessarily imply that the Japanese chef will select the dishes. 
Instead, the chef will be skilfully utilizing the best fish obtained that day at the market, handpicked by a knowledgeable buyer. 
 There is a unique symbiotic relationship between Toyosu market’s buyers and customers in Japan, firmly building on mutual trust and long-standing connections. This is the reason why the “Omakase” menu works so well. 
 Customers rely on the expertise of the Toyosu buyers, who are professionals in each kind of fish field and acquire the finest fish available for the best prices on a given day.  

Toyosu Direct operates on a similar basis of trust between suppliers and buyers

We are proud to serve as a reliable connection between the global community and the freshest and most desirable fish available at Toyosu Market. 
Our expert buyers are highly skilled and trusted participants in the Jonai auction, ensuring that you can purchase with complete confidence. 
You can rest assured that they don't need to worry about choosing the production area or specific fish on their own, as they can rely on our expertise and purchase selected fish through a seamless "Omakase" system online.