[Limited] Premium Daiyame 40 / 濱田酒造 だいやめ (700ml)
[Limited] Premium Daiyame 40 / 濱田酒造 だいやめ (700ml)
[Limited] Premium Daiyame 40 / 濱田酒造 だいやめ (700ml)
[Limited] Premium Daiyame 40 / 濱田酒造 だいやめ (700ml)
[Limited] Premium Daiyame 40 / 濱田酒造 だいやめ (700ml)
[Limited] Premium Daiyame 40 / 濱田酒造 だいやめ (700ml)

[Limited] Premium Daiyame 40 / 濱田酒造 だいやめ (700ml)

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- From Kagoshima to all over the world -

DAIYAME 40 is newly designed for bartenders, mixologists and spirits lovers around the world.

It's 40 degrees of very strong alcohol content, is a new addition to the Daiyame series, which is a very popular rich lychee aroma sweet potato shochu in Singapore.

DAIYAME 40; a genuine sweet potato shochu, is a new addition to the DAIYAME series / designed with 40 degrees of alcohol content to expand its potential as a cocktail ingredient.

It is rich in aromatic ingredients, with a gorgeous and powerful lychee-like aroma that can be enjoyed to the fullest, and a long lingering aftertaste after drinking, so it is aimed to create a liquor that would inspire the creativity of bartenders and mixologists.

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It’s one of our most popular shochu, Daiyame!

"DAIYAME" is a shochu launched on the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the brewery in 2018, based on the concept of an "unexplored fragrance," with the aim of becoming the next generation in the industry.

Similar to the normal Daiyame we have, Daiyame 40 is also brewed using their original "Koujuku method" and has a "lychee flavor" reminiscent of wine from the Alsace region. The "lychee-like aroma" reminiscent of Alsatian wine is highly regarded around the world, transcending national borders.

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* Koujuku method uses sweet potatoes with an amplified aroma-rich component. The mash is brewed with black rice malt, fermented and matured, and distilled once at a low temperature of 40°C to 50°C under reduced pressure to produce a well-balanced citrusy and fermentation-derived fruity aroma.


"You will surprise with exotic fruits, herbs and fresh aromas"

- by a world-renowned sommelier, Ms. Paz Levinson.

“Color is clear, transparent, no sediment. The fragrant is blackcurrant leafy, with hints of lime, yellow grapefruit, and lychee. The texture is dry and wonderfully concentrated, with a long, very fruity and intense taste of grapefruit peel, blackcurrant and tomato leaves, lime and lychee."

"DAIYAME40 is a shochu that will surprise you with its aromas of exotic fruits, herbs, blackcurrant and tomato leaves."

Quality of Design

In order for people all over the world to enjoy the attractiveness of Dayame, the shape of the bottle is based on the motif of a rock glass with an image of an authentic bar scene.

The black was inspired by Yoshihiro Shimazu, a hero of Satsuma, who was recorded to have worn black armor when he went into battle, and that this product is made with black koji, in addition to other famous product in Satsuma's history, Kurojyoka.

Kurojyoka - a traditional Shochu server, and a Satsuma style cup

 Black Koji

The cylindrical part of the bottle is made up of a golden 1:1.414 ratio of the upper part (plain) to the lower part (cut).

It is a golden ratio for the most beautiful design.

This golden ratio is derived from the ancient Japanese "Yamato ratio" and used in many architectural structures such as the Golden Hall and five-story pagoda of Horyuji Temple.

The bottle silhouette is named "burnished cut" to express the polished and delicate cut of the bottle.

Enjoy to Serve as cocktail!

At home you can easily enjoy it on the rocks, even though it is good for making cocktails.

"40 degrees of alcohol content" allows the gorgeous lychee-like aroma, which is the main feature of DAIYAME, to spread further.

The characteristics of the ingredients make it an ideal drink for bartenders and mixologists to use their creativity in creating cocktails.

What does “Daiyame” mean?

"Daiyame" is a Kagoshima dialect word that means "to drink sake in the evening to relieve fatigue."

It is a traditional custom of drinking with family and friends in the evening, thanking them for a successful day and welcoming tomorrow refreshed.

The brewery would like to convey this wonderful lifestyle culture to as many people as possible, regardless of generation, gender, or nationality, through authentic shochu, which can be easily enjoyed in a wide range of ways.

With this in mind, they decided to name the product "Daiyame".


Hamada Sake Brewery

Founded in 1868 in Ichiki-Kushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture, they currently have three breweries: Denbei, Denzouin, and Kanayama, each of which embodies their core shochu-making philosophy of "tradition," "innovation," and "inheritance”.

Of these, the Denzouin Brewery has acquired FSSC22000 certification, an international hygiene standard, and under thorough quality control, it not only preserves the traditional taste of Japanese traditional distilled spirits, but also continues to explore new possibilities for authentic shochu and take on new challenges every day.

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