Simmered Conger Eel by a brokerage trusted by Michelin-listed restaurants

Simmered Conger Eel by a brokerage trusted by Michelin-listed restaurants

Even before taking a bite, you can be certain of its deliciousness.

Why? Because such fresh and vibrant conger eels are prepared with such meticulous care.

NIANAGO - Michelin-Trusted Simmered Conger Eel from Yamago

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With just one bite, you realise that it is truly exceptional.

Its aroma, richness, and thickness of the flesh leave nothing to be desired.

You'll find yourself wanting to savour it bite after bite.

The plump texture and the perfect harmony of flavours are unparalleled. Not only that, but the conger eel exhibits no trace of any muddy taste.

The simmering sauce, a secret recipe passed down since their establishment, infuses the conger eel with flavours that even the professionals trust.

Yamago, as a Legendary Conger Eel Buyer

Yamago is a long-established conger eel specialist and buyer that supplies renowned Michelin-starred restaurants and famous establishments.

Currently, Yamago supplies a large number of famous establishments, including sushi and tempura specialty restaurants in Ginza, as well as renowned hotels, just by mentioning their names, anyone would recognise them.

Discerning Selection and Masterful Preservation

The Discerning Eye of a Time-Honored Tradition

With a 70-year history, Yamago possesses a keen sense of discernment backed by years of experience.

Their confidence lies in their ability to select only the finest conger eels with small heads and plump bodies, a skill honed through their long-standing expertise.

 “Ikijime", Preserving Freshness through Masterful Technique

"ikijime" is a Japanese technique of humanely and quickly killing fish to ensure the highest quality of meat by immediately stopping the fish's brain activity and preserving its cellular structure.

The conger eels are immediately subjected to the delicate process of "ikijime" within the market premises, ensuring their optimal freshness.

3-Hour Masterpiece of Sourcing to Perfection

At 3 a.m at Toyosu Market, where fresh seafood from all over Japan congregates, conger eel sourcing begins.

Daisuke, the owner of Yamago, has a sharp gaze as he scrutinises the conger eels.

"For conger eels, we look for those with small heads and plump bodies," he asserts.

Once procured at the market, the conger eels are swiftly transported to the Yamago within the premises and immediately prepared for handling.

To remove the tiny fins, one must possess the precision to wield a knife at a sub-millimeter level—it is a skill that distinguishes true artisans.

The conger eels are meticulously and carefully simmered until they become tender and succulent. The finishing touch involves adding a luscious glaze to the warm conger eels, enhancing their texture.

It is the transformation from lively conger eels swimming in the tank just three hours ago to the delectable simmered conger eel dish. 

Highly received by renowned Japanese chefs

Mr. Yoshikazu Hirai,
Owner of “Ginza Hirai”

“Our conger eel is from Yamago. They are the number one conger eel broker in Toyosu. They have an excellent eye for quality and maintain the freshness of the conger eel, and always prepare the best each day.

I highly recommend everyone to try Yamago's conger eel."

Mr. Fumio Kondo,
Owner of “Tempura Kondo”

“Yamago's conger eel is the best among all fish markets.

This is because they are constantly researching ways to provide the best quality products. They go out and pick up the best conger eels by themselves.I think that's what makes them different from others.”

Mr. Akifumi Sakagami,
Executive Head Chef, of “Ginza Onodera”

“We have been fortunate to receive consistently excellent quality conger eel from Yamago. The conger eel carefully selected by Yamago's exceptional discerning eye is an indispensable component of Onodera Sushi.”


NIANAGO - Michelin-Trusted Simmered Conger Eel from Yamago

Packaging photo

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