Mother’s Day Gifts, she will actually love

Mother’s Day Gifts, she will actually love

Are you still deciding what gift to give your beloved mother on this upcoming Mother's Day?

Here're unique gift ideas for different types of mothers to make this day even more special.


- For mom of sweet tooth -


 Hokkaido Black Cheesecake



Sweet lovers will certainly enjoy this bestselling treat, which features the perfect balance of Hokkaido haskap berries and cream cheese that isn't overly sweet.
The addition of bamboo chocolate adds a delightful accent to the already exquisite flavor, making it a must-try even for those who aren't typically fans of cake.



Nagano Persimmon Butter Millefeuille



If you're looking to gift a new and sophisticated dessert, this is definitely the way to go.
The unique combination of dried persimmon and butter will leave wanting more with every bite.
It is perfect pairing with whiskey or other alcohol.



- For mom of health-conscious -


Official Yomeishu brand limited collaboration bundle



"Yomeishu" is a type of drink that promotes blood circulation throughout the body by utilizing natural herbs based on traditional Chinese medicine. And the Herbal Porridges are born from the health knowledge and research of Yomeishu's manufacturing process, and is gentle on the body.
Together, these two products make a great combination for promoting overall health and wellness and gift for health-aware mom.




Vegan Traditional Countryside Sushi


It features an abundance of ingredients from the mountains, now available in a vegan version.
Not only is it delicious, but also visually stunning and healthy, making it the perfect gift for health-focused moms.


- For mom of natural lover -

Shimanto Hinoki wood cutting board



It's one of the most popular Mother's day gifts from last year.
Made from hinoki wood, the more you use it, the more flavor it adds to your dishes.
Not only is it lightweight, but it also boasts excellent durability.
This natural product is the perfect gift for mothers who love cooking and appreciate all things organic.




Japanese Wood Note



This is not just any ordinary notebook, but rather a "living" notebook that becomes softer and more user-friendly the more you use it.
Each one is handmade, so you can feel the warmth of the wood and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making them.
It's a perfect gift for your loved ones, as they are unique, personal, and exude a sense of thoughtfulness.



- For mom of alcohol lover -


Onna Joshu Yuzu-shu


This unique yuzushu, based on ginjo sake with a perfect balance of sourness and sweetness, offers a fruity taste while still allowing the subtle flavors of the premium sake to shine through.
It's not your ordinary fruit sake, making it an ideal gift for alcohol-loving mothers.




Ohako Umeshu - Mature Palate Approved Plum with Sesame Shochu


This is an upgraded version of our best-selling Ohako plum umeshu.
 Soaking the highest quality plums in sesame shochu and age it to create a mature and sophisticated taste.
It has been carefully selected after trying various types, so we have confidence that it will make a wonderful gift.


A Sashimi Celebration for Mother's Day

A Sashimi Celebration for Mother's Day

[Restocked] Sashimi Tuna, Strawberry Daifuku that may make you miss Japan

[Restocked] Sashimi Tuna, Strawberry Daifuku that may make you miss Japan

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