4 Fruity Alcohol from Japan's Summer Fruits

4 Fruity Alcohol from Japan's Summer Fruits

A summer-perfect alcohol selection featuring Japan's renowned high-quality fruits.

Japanese fruit is renowned for its exceptional quality, characterized by a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, as well as its rich and exquisite taste.

What makes Japanese fruits of exceptional quality?
Indulge in refreshing summer 4 alcohol selections crafted with these exquisite fruits.


What makes "Japanese Summer Fruit" exceptionally outstanding?


1. From checking the perfect sugar level of each

It has led to significant advancements in breeding and the development of exceptional fruit varieties.

In addition to the many varieties of Japanese fruit, each fruit is covered during cultivation to protect it from insects and vermin, the sugar content is checked until it reaches the appropriate level, and the roots are delicate and easily damaged, so careful packaging is studied during shipment.


2. Begin with soil preparation

Farmers in Japan understand the importance of soil fertility and take measures to enhance it further.
Summer fruits centered around citrus fruits prefer well-drained soil for their roots.
This type of soil enables the roots to grow and expand properly, promoting healthy tree growth and fruit production. Adequate drainage also helps prevent the risk of root diseases caused by excessive moisture.


3. Perfect Timing of harvest

Harvesting timing also requires skill, and Japanese farmers excel in discerning the fruit ripeness and selecting the optimal time for harvest.

Japanese farmers have developed a high level of skill and expertise in discerning fruit ripeness and selecting the perfect timing for harvest generation to generation.


Enjoy 4 collections made with "Japanese Fine Summer Fruits"

1. Pineapple wine from Ishigaki Island, Okinawa

The pineapple cultivated in Ishigaki Island combines traditional farming methods with modern technology. Meticulous cultivation practices such as appropriate fertilization, watering, and pest and disease management contribute to the deliciousness of Ishigaki Pineapples.
The island's warm climate and ample rainfall provide an ideal environment for pineapple cultivation, allowing for the growth of sweet and juicy pineapples.
This combination of factors result in the exquisite taste of Ishigaki Pineapples.


This golden-colored white wine liquor carefully brewed from pineapples from Ishigaki Island, Okinawa.
The taste is refreshing and easy to drink and delicious when chilled.
It goes well with fish dishes and is also recommended with cider on hot days.


2. Onna Joshu Yuzu-shu from Gifu



Yuzu grown in Gifu Prefecture, known as a prominent yuzu production region in Japan, benefits from the presence of numerous clear streams, utilizing high-quality water to enhance its flavor and quality.

Furthermore, Gifu Prefecture meticulously selects and cultivates only the finest yuzu varieties known for their exceptional taste.
That's how Yuzu from Gifu prefecture is renowned for its quality.



It is a liquor with a rich yuzu aroma with fruity fragrant from the Ginjo (吟醸) which is brewery's own "onnajoshu" Ginjo Sake with more than 200 years of history.
By adding Gifu's local yuzu, it enhances ginjo's taste with slight bitterness of citrus and aroma.
Making it a refreshing choice, especially in the hot Singapore weather!



Onna Joshu Yuzu-shu (500ml) 





3. Mandarin Mikan Liqueur from Ehime



Ehime Prefecture, known for its delicious Mandarin mikan, benefits from its warm climate characterized by mild winters and hot summers.

This favorable climate is conducive to the growth of Mandarin mikan, allowing the fruits to fully develop their sweetness.

Additionally, the region receives an adequate amount of rainfall, providing the oranges with sufficient moisture that enriches their juice content and enhances their flavor.

This balanced combination brings out the perfect harmony of sweetness and acidity, resulting in a rich and flavorful taste.



A liqueur made with abundant use of Ehime Prefecture's Mandarin mikan.

It captures the gentle sweetness and acidity of mandarins nurtured in the warm climate.

It is best enjoyed chilled, either straight or mixed with soda for a refreshing highball.

Particularly, serving it on the rocks is highly recommended. You can also freeze it and enjoy it as a delightful sherbet.



Ehime Mandarin Mikan Liqueur (720ml)





4. Japanese Craft Gin - Koganei from Kanagawa



The gin is crafted using ten botanicals, including Sakura cherry blossoms, pepper, cypress, tea, and notably Kabosu, which was specifically developed for use in liqueurs and food products.

Kabosu lends its refreshing and crisp flavor, known for its juiciness.



The base alcohol is the shochu from 200-year old brewery, brewed using rice shochu and shochu and made from sake lees.

Not only can you enjoy the citrus aroma, but also the woody aroma from Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress. Also, you can feel the lingering spicy aroma from Japanese pepper.



Japanese Craft Gin - Koganei - (500ml)




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