100% Japanese Ikura: Silky Smooth, Tender Texture

100% Japanese Ikura: Silky Smooth, Tender Texture

In recent years, reaching "Japanese ikura", which has been experiencing a drastic decline, has become challenging even within Japan.


Among the various types of japanese ikura, we're happy to offer the highest quality known as "Tokusan" which refers to the top-tier ikura in the Toyosu fish market that represents the pinnacle of quality. It's a silky smooth ikura, with tender, creamy texture that flows in your mouth.


Let us introduce an exceptional selection of Japanese ikura meticulously chosen by a artisan with 60 years of expertise in the field.





Catch plunges to 1/3 for the past 10 years



In Japan, the annual salmon catch, which was around 150,000 tons in the 2015 period, drastically decreased to approximately 50,000 tons between 2019 and 2020, representing a one-third reduction.


Consequently, the production of salmon roe (ikura) has also experienced a significant decline from 6,000 to 7,000 tons to 2,000 to 3,000 tons.


To compensate for the sharp decline in Japan sourced ikura, there has been an increase in the circulation of imported ikura in Japan.


As a result, obtaining "Japanese Ikura" within Japan has become increasingly challenging.


Value of Japanese Ikura


On top of the quality of salmon, processing techniques are significant factors for the popularity of Japanese ikura.


In Japan, unique processing techniques have been developed to enhance the taste of ikura and make it more enjoyable. Japanese processing techniques involve careful selection of ikura, followed by processes such as salting and marinating in special seasonings.


These techniques bring out enhanced flavours and textures, making the Japanese ikura even more delicious.


The combination of salmon's quality, Japan's favourable water and food environment, and the application of advanced processing techniques has made "Japanese Ikura" a highly sought-after delicacy both in Japan and internationally.


Meticulously chosen by artisan with 60 years of expertise


Our ikura is an exceptional delicacy known for its unparalleled quality, often referred to as the "Tokusan".

The term "Tokusan" is a nickname commonly used in the seafood wholesale industry, including the Toyosu Fish Market, to represent highest-quality products.


The discerning expertise of experienced professionals with 60 years of knowledge in the field is applied to handpick fish roe, ensuring only the finest selection. Skilled artisans then meticulously craft each individual roe with great care and attention to detail.

Our ikura stands out as the epitome of excellence, representing the highest standard in the industry.


Actually it's a versatile seafood


While it is common to enjoy ikura by placing it on top of rice, there are various other ways to savour it, such as using it as a topping for French bread to create canapés.


Ikura can be creatively incorporated into different culinary experiences. Its rich flavours and unique texture make it a versatile ingredient that adds a burst of taste to various dishes.


Whether it's enhancing the taste of sushi, garnishing salads, or being used as a delectable spread on canapés, ikura offers a range of enjoyable possibilities for culinary exploration!


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