Daikoshu Toroshikaya (720ml) / 大古酒とろしかや
Daikoshu Toroshikaya (720ml) / 大古酒とろしかや
Daikoshu Toroshikaya (720ml) / 大古酒とろしかや
Daikoshu Toroshikaya (720ml) / 大古酒とろしかや
Daikoshu Toroshikaya (720ml) / 大古酒とろしかや

Daikoshu Toroshikaya (720ml) / 大古酒とろしかや

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Daikoshu Toroshikaya

20-Year-Old Aged Shochu Blend with Rich Fruit Infusion Note

Blend of 20-year-old and 10 year-old aged shochu

Blend a 10-year-old rice-based liquor with a 10-year-old barley shochu, further enriched by adding a secret 20-year-old rice shochu.

Harmonizing Rice's Sweetness with Barley's Vibrancy

This concoction combines the inherent sweetness, rich floral aroma, robust body, and intense flavor of rice with the vibrant fragrance and lightness of barley.

Rich and Aged Fruity Note

The aromatic profile includes hints of vanilla, mango, and pineapple.


3 Consecutive Years of Award-Winning

In the year 2018, 2019, and 2020, this blend of 30-year-old aged sake has received three stars and the highest Crystal award from the International Taste Institute for three consecutive years.

Recommended to Way to Enjoy

Straight, on the rocks, with water, or hot water

Highball is also highly recommended, of course.

How to Pair?

It pairs incredibly well with meat dishes.

It complements cream-based dishes, ice cream, chocolate, and other desserts as well.

500 Years Distillation Method, Oak Barrel Aging

Using the distillation method that has 500 years of history and the long-term storage technology, pursuing for premium aged shochu that deepens its taste and aroma the longer it is aged.

Controlled 24 Hours to keep the same condition as Scottish Highlands. Under 24 hours control, it is stored & aged in oak barrels, with the same temperature & humidity as the Scottish highlands.

This long-term aging and environment create the Shochu taste like Scotch Whiskey - rich aroma & taste. It is characterized by its sweetness, fragrant aroma, solid body, rich and mellow taste of rice and the gorgeous and light aroma of wheat.

How is Shochu different from Japanese sake?

- Fermented
- 15% - 16% ABV
- Sweet & Mellow taste
- Fermented from Rice
* Similar to wine
 - Fermented & Distilled
- 25% - 40% ABV
- Clear & Sharp taste
- Fermented from Rice, Sweet Potato, Barley
* Similar to Whiskey, Brandy & Gin

How is Kuma Shochu series special?

Rokuchoshi brewery was founded in 1923 and has a history of nearly one hundred years. "We would like to prove Rice Shochu can be one of the best alcohol in the world, comparable to Scotch and Cognac"

Shochu made in "Hitoyoshi, Kuma" region in the southern part of Kumamoto prefecture is called "Kuma Shochu". This name is quite honorable since only approved alcohol products by the World Trade Organization (WTO) can use its own produced region's name.

Do you know "scotch" or "cognac"? It comes from the region's name as well, which means It's also one of the approved alcohol products. In Japan, there are only 4 shochu brands that have been approved.

The key of Kuma Shochu from Rokuchoshi brewery

Lies in their traditional way of distillation & aging. It gives an outstanding aroma, taste & smooth texture on your tongue.

Especially for aging, they put huge effort to reproduce the same aging environment as the Highlands of Scotland, where Scotch Whiskey is produced.

Key 3 points:

  • Kind of Tank for aging - It affects the aroma of shochu
  • Multiple blended or Single blend - Multiple blended shochu can be enjoyed unique and new flovour & taste. Their constant effort to develop the best blended shochu results in many world wide award. On the other hand, Single blend can be enjoyed the original taste.
  • Year of aging - Aging makes the taste milder and the texture more smooth. Since aging requires time and technique, Long aged shochu is considered to be precious.


Kodai Ikko

Blend with rice shochu aged up to 30 years. Extremely mild & smooth taste that is highly praised all over the world.

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Daikoshu Toroshikaya

Blend with rice and barley shochu aged up to 20 years. If you are whisky lover, you must try Toroshikaya.

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Rokuchoshi Red Label

Recommended for the beginner of aged rice shochu.

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Rokuchoshi Tokugin

If you love the strong aroma & taste of Rice Shochu, this is the best shochu for you.

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Strong commitment towards creating shochu


This is the kind of sake called, “常圧蒸留熟成酒” (Atmospheric Distillation Aged Sake) which requires equipment and techniques. 

In atmospheric distillation, it is possible to extract the aroma and flavor components characterized by a mild and light taste.

In addition, the "moromi"(unrefined sake) is distilled at normal atmospheric pressure, and boiled at high temperature, resulting in a unique aroma and rich flavor.

You can enjoy the fragrant, sweet, soft, rich, and mellow taste.


The shochu is aged for a long period of time in a tank cellar where the temperature and humidity are controlled 24 hours a dayjust like in the Highlands of Scotland where its Scotch Whiskey is famous.


Each multiple blended shochu is brewed with different formulations every year. The unique and special blending that no one can make is highly evaluated all over the world. 

Instead of retaining the taste of the shochu, the brewery has been trying to produce better multiple blended shochu with high aspirations.


In 1995, the World Trade Organization (WTO) granted Kuma Shochu geographical protection, similar to how Scotch Whiskey and Champagne regions are protected.

It is one of four approved shochu brands in Japan with Geographical Indication (GI) and the approved use of "Kuma" in their brand name, like Scotch and Cognac.

It is also the first alcoholic beverage to be awarded a "regional brand" by the Japan Patent Office.


About Rokuchoshi Brewery

The brewery is founded in 1923, located in Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto prefecture, known for the production of Kuma Shochu for over 500 years. Traditional techniques using rice grown abundantly and groundwater from the limpid Kuma River system.

The brewery has spent nearly a century in the search for a stored and brew shochu. It takes a long time to produce a quality product that has the perfect balance of aromatic fragrance, and fullness of flavor.

Each of their shochu takes a long time to produce, which makes it very rare.

What is special about this brewery is the way how shochu is made.

Aged shochu is not just a matter of letting it sit. It also requires advanced techniques for storage. Above all, it is important to keep the temperature constant throughout the year.

Even in other countries, there is a traditional method of storing shochu underground or in caves.

The essence of Rokuchoshi Syuzou's long-term aged shochu is in the blending.

At Rokuchoshi Syuzou, they created an environment similar to that of the highlands of Scotland, famous for its high quality Scotch whisky. To mimic the environment of Scotland highlands, air conditioning system is installed in the barrel storage room, which is insulated and the temperature is controlled around the clock.

In many cases, more than one type of shochu is blended together to create the flavor of aged shochu, but the products we carry are blended with a wide variety of barrels of shochu.

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