Onna Joshu Yuzu-shu (500ml) / 女城主 柚子酒
Onna Joshu Yuzu-shu (500ml) / 女城主 柚子酒
Onna Joshu Yuzu-shu (500ml) / 女城主 柚子酒

Onna Joshu Yuzu-shu (500ml) / 女城主 柚子酒

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Onna Joshu Yuzu-shu

Not your usual yuzu-shu!

Using an abundance of citrus fruit grown locally at the base of Mt. Ena, this drink strikes the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.

Using Ginjo Sake

Crafted with a high quality Gifu Yuzu and Iwamura brewery's own "onnajoshu" Ginjo Sake which has more than 200 years of history.

Ginjo is premium sake with rice polished at 60 percent brewed using special yeast and fermentation techniques. It is light, fruity, and fragrant!

By adding Gifu's local yuzu, it enhances ginjo's taste with slight bitterness of citrus and aroma. Making it a refreshing choice, especially in the hot Singapore weather!



It is a liquor with a rich yuzu aroma with fruity fragrant from the Ginjo (吟醸).

As you pour into a cup, the fragrance of fresh yuzu will spread out.

With low alcohol content of 9%, it is greatly suited to those overwhelmed by the taste of sake!

This Yuzu-shu is best served straight or on the rocks!

It's well-received in Japan!

"It is refreshing like juice and only a little bit of alcohol can be detected.
I was like is this really 9% alcohol content?
That’s how much it’s easy to drink"

"First of all, the beauty of this box caught my attention.
Not only is it delicious, but the box is a beautiful contrast of gold on white, and the bottle label is a beautiful black and gold.
What?? It’s so delicious!"

"It’s refreshing and easy to drink, with a hint of bitterness from the yuzu.
I was a bit worry of the sake smell before drinking it, as it’s made with sake, but that was not the case at all!"

Do you know?
1. Yuzu is rich in vitamins and is said to be good for health and beauty!

2. Iwamura Brewery is established in 1787. In general, the name of the sake brewery often bears the surname of the founder, but Iwamura brewery is named after town (Iwamura, Gifu Prefecture) where the sake brewery is located!

3. Iwamura Brewery aims to make "local sake" in the true sense of the word by specializing in using local ingredients in their sake. That is why the rice used is cultivated locally, and the water is from a well used since 400 years!

4. The brand Onna Joshu was created to honor Lady Otsuya, one of the few female castle lords to exist in the history of Japan. and commemorate the 800th anniversary of Iwamura Castle.

5. All Onna Joshi series label has a portrait of "Lady Otsuya"!


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