Festive Rosan and Yuzushu Bundle (Free Shipping)
Festive Rosan and Yuzushu Bundle (Free Shipping)

Festive Rosan and Yuzushu Bundle (Free Shipping)

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Festive Rosan and Yuzushu Bundle (Free Shipping)

$200 (U.P. $232)

Celebrate the Christmas and New Year with sakes that are unique.
Let us introduce to you 2 unique sakes:

Rich, easy to drink Rosan Daiginjo, and auspicious Yuzu Shu from real yuzu and sake blend. 
It is a sake bundle we want you to try, this season.

At only $200, with Free Shipping.
(U.P. $232)
A premium bundle of Japanese sake, perfect to go with any seafood.

Bundle consists:
1 x Rosan Daiginjo (720ml)
1 x Yuzu Shu from yuzu and sake blend (500ml)
This is the time where you should try our specialty sake bundle from Iwamura Brewery, Gifu, Japan, established since 1787.

1. Daiginjo Rosan

- The highest quality Daiginjo from the brewery -

Perfect sake for seafood and gatherings.
Easy to drink, with rich taste of premium Yamada Nishiki rice.

It has fragrant anda rich rice taste to it yet it’s clear and not too sweet.
This is easy to drink and great with Japanese seafood cuisines.
Also it was picked by Ohta-san!, our self-proclaimed sake connoisseur
He always hand-picked and carefully tasted and tried all the sake he introduced to you!

2. Yuzu-shu

- Crafted with Yuzu and Ginjo Sake -
Festive must-try for this season.
Perfect for Christmas and New Year.

Crafted with a high quality Gifu Yuzu and Iwamura brewery's own "onnajoshu" Ginjo Sake which has more than 200 years of history.

By adding Gifu's local yuzu, it enhances ginjo's taste with slight bitterness of citrus and aroma.

Making it a refreshing choice, especially in the hot Singapore weather!

As you pour into a cup, the fragrance of fresh yuzu will spread out.
With low alcohol content of 9%, it is greatly suited to those overwhelmed by the taste of sake!

Iwamura brewery from Gifu Prefecture

The brand Onna Joshu was created to honor Lady Otsuya, one of the few female castle lords to exist in the history of Japan. The brewery is committed to make "local sake" in the true sense of the word by specializing in using local ingredients in their sake, including a well used since 400 years ago.

It's will be a bundle you want to keep for upcoming holidays!

This bundle is something you want to keep as Daiginjo Rosan goes very well with Japanese and other cuisines.
And having Onna Joshu Yuzushu pairing with sweets definitely makes your day!

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